Nissan LEAF Sales Set All-Time Record in August 2013


Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

“LEAF set an all-time record in August at 2,420, up 253.3 percent year over year.”

That’s the news sent to us via Nissan just moments ago and though it’s short of the Chevy Volt’s chart-topping 3,000-plus units, the LEAF is comfortably in second place in the YTD ranks and August seems to be shaping up to be a month of records for the whole plug-in vehicle segment.

2013 Nissan LEAF Gets Assembled In Smyrna, TN....Soon We'll Start Making More Says Nissan

2013 Nissan LEAF Gets Assembled In Smyrna, TN….Soon We’ll Start Making More Says Nissan

Here are a few choice quotes from Nissan on the LEAF’s stellar performance in August:

“Some of our new wave markets like Atlanta have come on so strong that it makes more sense to count Nissan LEAF days’ supply by the hour—Atlanta has about a 120-hour supply right now. The LEAF turn-rate is amazing. We look forward to ramping up production later this fall as we see LEAF demand continue to increase.” –Erik Gottfried, Nissan director for electric vehicle sales and marketing.

“Nissan LEAF continues to diversify the consumer base for electric vehicles, setting yet another all-time sales record in August. Atlanta became the No. 1 market for LEAF, marking the first time an area outside the West Coast has landed that title. Consumers continue to become more educated about how practical electric vehicles can be for their daily commuting needs—from access to HOV lanes to passing by the gas pumps on their way home to charge.”–Fred Diaz, Divisional Vice President, Nissan Sales & Marketing, Service & Parts

Since March of this year, sales of the Nissan LEAF have remained strong and consistent.  If we examine the year that has been, LEAF sales were incredibly low as Nissan was trying to get its factory in Smyrna, Tennessee up to pace.

After that, LEAF sales have hovered around the 2,000-unit mark for the majority of the year:

  • January: 650 (production constrained)
  • February: 653 (production constrained)
  • March: 2,236 (production in full swing in Tennessee)
  • April: 1,937
  • May: 2,138
  • June: 2,225
  • July: 1,864 (production constrained or was it an allocation/trim level issue?)

    Nissan LEAFs Lined Up and Ready to Charge

    Nissan LEAFs Lined Up and Ready to Charge

2,420 sold is still the highest mark ever set by the LEAF and we can’t ask for too much more at this time.

Nissan can easily produce in excess of 2,500 LEAFs per month in Smyrna, Tennessee, but electrode shortages mean that it’s unlikely Nissan will break pact that 2,500-unit barrier until either late this year or in early 2014.

We’re starting to see supplier shortages pop up more often now as battery electric vehicles become increasingly popular.  Even Tesla Motors seems like it will soon be dealing with some supply issues linked to lithium-ion cells, hence the recent deal with Samsung SDI.

However, it does appear that Nissan is getting its LEAF allocation issues sorted out.  In August, most LEAFs that arrived at dealerships were essentially sold off immediately and inventory of LEAFs dropped for the 2nd consecutive month to approximately 1,800 units.  Around 25% of remaining inventory were of the entry S version.

To recap, we don’t expect to see LEAF sales exceed 2,500 units until maybe the last month or two of 2013.  Electrode supply is the bottleneck right now and even if Nissan made more LEAFs, they’d be incomplete without those necessary electrodes.

But records are meant to be broken, so here’s hoping the Nissan LEAF sets a new one next month!!!

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The Leaf “remains” in second place?
It was in first place last month.

Good catch…of course it was number 1 last month…changed “remains” to “is”

This is cool Nissan better get that Electrode supply fixed or their going to miss out on the fun of breaking 3000 and 3500 units which is now quite possible now. At least for the time being I hope they break another electric car record this month even if it’s only by another dozen or a hundred Nissan leafs. What is also interesting is how this car and the Chevy Volt can both set records of all time highest sales even though they are thought to be competitors. This is clearly shows that the market it’s self is growing steady.

They are competitors. But their primary competition is and has always been the rest of the market.

Yup. 62% of households with vehicles have 2 or more of them. A lot of them will be fine with one of them being an EV and the other gas for long trips.

Forget about stealing sales from the Volt. Go after the rest of the compact car market that 2+ car households are buying. The value proposition is there at $200/mo.

Of course, production needs to be solved first…


Thanks for the multiple great news – an excellent way to start a rather drizzly day here in Seattle, and launch a new Jewish Year this evening!

A question: can you provide links to the electrode shortage problem, and what is being done to widen that bottleneck?



Here’s one link…though other sites have reported on the shortage:

And all the “it’s so ugly, no one will buy it” have become silent…

It is ugly, wonderful, exciting, refreshingly different but still as attractive as a romantic night in with my sister

Please note I am not from a part of the world where dating siblings is considered normal.

Take home message is very simple……a lot of people feel they can manage with a 70 mile daily range and do not view this as a handicap.

@Suprise Cat & drpawansharma,

Just think how many LEAFs they could sell if they were sleeker and had better range. Instead of 2,500 per month, it could be more like 25,000.

I just leased a Leaf for my daily commute and parked my gas hog 2004 Dodge Durango. 70 miles is more than enough range for my daily or weekend driving. We are only keeping the Durango because we are building an eco friendly house next year, and will need it to tow construction equipment and materials. Our other car is a 2000 nissan frontier with a 4 cylinder and manual transmission, it only has 90,000 miles on it and my girlfriend drives it to and from work a total of about 6 miles a day. The gas savings from not driving the Durango is enough to cover the cost of the lease, plus the state I live in gives people who buy or lease a $2,000 tax credit. As to looks, I like it and several others have stated it has a cool unique look. If sleeker means smaller I say no thanks, having the spacious cabin and plenty of cargo room is nice. In three years when our lease is up, I’m sure there will be something even better. It’s now been 3 weeks since I have been to a gas station.

Mute point………… I have had my LEAF for almost 12 months. The only thing I can say: I am so glad the LEAF has a windshield! Otherwise, by now I would have so many bugs stuck in my teeth no one would know I was still smiling!

Take the leap to the LEAF! No regrets here. No range issues. No performance issues. Just, no issues. Just a great efficient 5-passenger car!