Nissan LEAF U.S. Sales Drop Down In October 2018


Steady is how LEAF sales have rolled most of the year, but now we see a downturn.

October 2018 is shaping up to be the strongest sales months in U.S. history, but the same is unfortunately not true for the Nissan LEAF.

With just 1,234 LEAF sold in October, sales are down quite a bit compared to September. On the flip side, last October saw LEAF sales at just 213 units, so year-over-year sales are up an impressive 479.3 percent.

Looking back, there were 1,563 LEAFs sold in September, up from the 1,315 LEAFs sold in August, and an improvement over the sales we noted of 1,149 LEAFs sold in July.

In the month-over-month area, sales are obviously down compared to September. Looking at YTD figures for the LEAF we note that cumulative sales for the first 10 months of 2018 now stand at 11,920, which is a decent improvement over the first 10 months of 2017 when LEAF sales totaled 10,953.

It now seems the best figure Nissan can hope for in all of 2018 is somewhere near 15,000 LEAFs sold. That’s a dissappoint if you consider that in the best of times (2014 ) LEAF sales hit upwards of 30,000 units in a single year.

2018 Nissan LEAF
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Yup, I think many are now looking at the Leaf e-plus 60kWh version, coming next year.

No, not even close.
The number one problem is the atrocious lease deals! I was quoted at $17,500 for a 36/12k lease by multiple dealers. That is insane!
Second problem is the miserable dealer discounts given for purchase. It’s like Nissan is expecting to sell the Leaf at 5% off when they sell everything else at 15% off. I won’t bite and i looks like I’m not alone.
I personally don’t care about the bigger pack, don’t need it in a second car anyway.

Are you saying the only reason they were selling them is they were selling them at heavy losses by basically giving them away with overly good lease deals?

No. First, Nissan has been making $$ on the Leaf for some time. The 2017 model was manufactured at a very low cost considering it was the 7th year on the market (except for the battery pack). As to prices, the Leaf’s peak year in 2014 was only somewhat cheaper than the 2018 deals. I know because we leased one in 2014 🙂 There are several things going on here IMHO, in decreasing order: – The Tesla Model 3 framing effect, which is harming all EVs not named Tesla in the US. Look at Bolt sales, they are down %30 vs. Oct. 2017. Bolts are offered at decent discount, it’s a fabulous long-range EVs according to all independent reviews, and drivers love it. But Tesla has conquered the American consumer’s mind, for better or worse. – 2014 was long ago, and like is saying what people remember are the giveaway deals of the 2017 closeout, which started already late 2016. Nissan is justified in wanting more $$ for a new line and a much-improved product. But it’s a harder sell after giving their predecessor away last year. – Likewise, dealer-workforce memory is probably short, and the 2013-2014 push was… Read more »

First of all I don’t care if they sell them at a loss or not, that’s not my problem.
Second, how can they ask $17k when a similarity priced Volt is below $10k?!
Third, you need to do some math. 17,500 + 7500 fed credit which they keep = $25k for 3 year lease…on a $30k car. Are we all stupid here?!!!

No need to get personal. We’re all on the same side here.

You seem to have gotten some pretty atrocious offers. This website lists 3 currently advertised 3-year 2018 Leaf S leases for <$11k, in OR, CA and MA (i.e., before additional/specific in-person discounts). Perhaps you can use this as a bargaining chip.

That web is not accurate, the deals posted often don’t reflect the correct down payment and fees and do not include taxes. It is also for the base Leaf….my comp was for a similarly priced Volt….so around 34-35k msrp.

You attack others, there is no place for that here.

What are u talking about, dude?

Yeah but a lot people that want to get into the ev game don’t live in those states

If they continue asking at loses then it makes no sense to continue producing the product knowing well that dealers are not going to buy it because they are taking the losses

Yeah it is one of the most profitable models for corporate Nissan, the dealers do not make anything off it. Since they make 3 or 4 models n the same assembly line the cost of setup was recovered long long time ago.

You’re not looking at the whole picture. When I tried to buy a Bolt EV but the dealer wanted me to pay $500/month lease payment and the Bolt EV had a $23k residual. With my Leaf I have a $350/month payment but I only have a $11k residual.

List price on a fully loaded Bolt EV is only about $5k more than a fully loaded Leaf but I figure the Leaf will cost me at least $10 less than the Bolt EV if I buy out the Leaf at the end of the lease.

What was your down and initial msrp?

Hi Mark. This site has actual lease offers based on zip code. You should get a response if you ask there. The prices are not as bad as the one you got.

I agree with you. I leased a 2013 LEAF for two years and loved it, picked up a 2015 for three years and continued to love it, went to three Nissan dealers and checked on a mid trim level new one and for a 15,000 mile a year lease kept getting monthly numbers around $680! That is absurd.

Go with 12k miles.

I had the same trouble.. the lease on my 2015 Leaf S was getting close to the end and I couldn’t find a 2018 for anywhere near the same payment. I think Nissan might be reversing course on that now though because on Sunday the dealer called me and said they’d give me the price I’d been wanting after all. Ended up with a 2018 Leaf SL at $299/mo, woo hoo!

That and the fact that the 2019 leaf didn’t change anything compared to the 2018 and a lot of people must as been sad or disappointed so they just don’t bought the leaf

As a MY 2015 Leaf owner I have to say a couple of things.
– The lack of a e-plus 200+ mile version is a deal killer for new purchase or lease.
– The version 2 look is worse than the old Leaf. It is completely forgettable. At least the old Leaf stood out. Now you have to scrutinize the car or you don’t even know it’s a Leaf. Invisible = Fail.

Personally I’m lost to the Model 3, but I can’t recommend the 150 miler to anyone as a lease. Being saddled with a hugely devalued 2015, I would not recommend buying to anyone.

Nissan needs to step up with the 200+ and more options like station wagon (CUV), and Infiniti, and take the competition from Tesla as a prod to do better.

ONLY Lease the 40kWh 2018 Leaf.

If you must buy, in the 200 mi.+ EV camp, it is the Bolt or Kona, which are your Non-Tesla best choices, in limited parts of North America, at this point in “EV time”.

I agree on the look. It blends in with everything on the road as though it does not want to be seen. Why can Nissan not just make it cool like a Delorean so that people would want to see it? There seem to be unwritten rules governing the look of consumer cars. They must be blah and grey. Lots of grey. hehe

Leaf 1 is one of the ugliest cars on the road.

The early Leaf had the catfish face look that only a mother could love. But it was ugly/cute in a way that was slightly less offensive than the Bolt. The Bolt just looks like someone beat it with the ugly stick.

I like my leaf just fine. Your car is boring

Sure was. People are trolling here

“The version 2 look is worse than the old Leaf.”
The old Leaf design was laughable, by far the ugliest thing on the roads. I wanna crash into it every time I see it.

Lol. Old leaf looks like a dead frog. Nissan design in the early 2010s was terrible with the leaf, juke, and cube

OMG….i forgot about the juke, and cube…Seriously, Nissan should be fined for their designs.

You should have applied your Tax rebates and State rebates to your loan amount. That seems to be a common mistake many young owners make. Do not be tempted to take $7500 for a vacation to France. I’m happy to see my 2012 SL is now worth $8000 to $10000 again and going up in value. Great cars ,just make sure the limited range suites your needs.

2012SL 78,000 miles 12 bars. Using daily 25-80% charge

At first glance, I thought 213 Leafs sold and was really happy about the good news; zero would’ve been fantastic. Oh well, at least turd didn’t increase in sales from last month, that’s good.

Clearly you have issues and it’s way beyond all of the Leaf’s 🍃🍃🍃 in this world.

I wouldn’t care about crappy Leaf if I didn’t have to wait 30 minutes for crappy free charging Leaf charging at 3 kW using 50 kW DCFC time and time again. Anyone who’s had charger anxiety is amplified thanks to crappy Leaf. Fewer Leaf sale, the better for EV community as a whole. That includes Tesla drivers who sometimes have to use Chademo.

Great cars, the LEAF is consistently one of the top ten most reliable cars ever made every year. Consumer reports docked it 10 or 15 spots because it didn’t go 200 miles and it still was in the top 20 most reliable cars ever made over the last decade. We have owned 7 of the top 20 cars on that list. I would put the LEAF ahead of any CRV, Prius’s, and way ahead of any Camry, Corrolla’s, SR5’s, Miata, or Landcruisers we have owned. Great cars. Just make sure the range suits your daily commute. If you can use it in the 20-80% charge range the batteries might last a lifetime. The LEAFs and Volts definitely have the best batteries out there.

Its getting towards the end of the year, check with your Chevy and Nissan and Tesla dealers about end of the year bargains and mark downs. If your shopping for a Tesla ask for $3K mark down and free supecharging. If your looking for a Bolt or LEAF ask for a $10 grand factory mark down. All great cars and zero emission.

Do we know if the sales are languishing because of a lack of demand, or because of a lack of production? I.e.: are people still waiting to buy a Leaf because they can’t get their hands on one?

Lack of demand. There’s 2 leafs sitting on our Nissan lot. Been there for days

They sent a record number to Canada too so that pretty much accounts for the total monthly allotment.

Having just test driven the Model 3 and 18′ Leaf within a month, i cannot fathom why anyone would buy a Leaf. Even the upcoming Standard Range without full Fed Tax credit is worth the extra money and waiting. I am looking forward to driving the E-Niro whenever it comes out.

Pure price comparisons. It’s to be expected that price is a lot of people’s #1 concern when car shopping.

That price comparison definitely favors the Leaf *for leases* especially since Model 3 can’t even be leased yet. That said I’m unconvinced that *buying* a Leaf will have better economics in the end vs a Model 3. Leafs (Leaves?) have abysmal resale value–maybe the worst of any single current gen car. Model 3 resale value should be excellent.

The LEAFs have excellent resell value after accounting for Federal, State, and employer incentives. The problem is that people are not applying those incentives to the load and then they wind up underwater. Do not be tempted to take a $10,000 trip to France with your car rebates. Do not blame the car for your follies.

Cool story bro.

I hate to break it to you…. No it does not ‼️

Here is one example a 2015 LEAF in Denver advertised for 12,500. Brand new the car cost 11,500 after a $7,500 tax credit and a 10,000 electric company discount. The car is being sold for 1000 more than they paid for it 3 years ago. Show me another car that actually appreciates in value?

car gurus listing=218172752

Used EVs are excellent bargains even if they do not depreciate much after the initial sale.

The car is too expensive, they are making a fortune off every one.

$15k price difference is alot for alot of people.

I test drove an Audi A6 then a Chevy Malibu and for the life of me can’t figure out why you’d but an A6 over a Malibu.

Maybe because you prefer brats and sauerkraut to hotdogs and apple pie.

Hard to say otherwise.

So the poor have to work harder and pay up then? In your area, do they let you drive if your car doesn’t have all the premium options?

Sound Elitist

Yes it does. I see corporate slashing $5k on 40kw when the standard range model 3 base it out

Could be the LEAF is a family car and it is one of the most reliable cars ever made and it cost about $20 to $25 grand less.

On second thought I would have to agree with you. Only an idiot would buy a LEAF for $22 grand when they could get a Model 3 for $49 grand after tax rebates. You must be a real genius.

The LEAF is a much BETTER car. Most people re looking for a reliable car they can use for the next 10 to 20 years. Tesla needs to make BETTER cars.

The Leaf is getting a bit long in the tooth, competition in the more affordable category is finally coming in. Even the Bolt is better I think, though then it costs more. Still GM will hit 200k limit in the 4th quarter while Nissan still has a ways to go, so they will have the tax credit in force longer..

Thumbs up 👍🏼 Clearly Nissan is holding back the 60 kWh pack until close to the 200k mark.

What’s the inventory like?

In SoCal they have a few. The dealers i went to, they all had me wait until they brought them from he back….were they keep them hidden …with the trash.

Too many people waiting for 60 kilowatt hour Nissan leaf is killing the sale of leaf presently

The Leaf is a great car, but with Electrify America trying to come in for the Chademo kill (putting 7 CCS and 1 Chademo) on their chargers, that is starting to put the nail in the coffin on Chademo and the Leaf.

At this point I wouldn’t consider the Leaf unless it had CCS charging. I’m fine with Chademo, but with EA basically putting a reasonable network in but with minimal Chademo, no way.

Good riddance to CHAdeMO in the US, I say.

I would love to see all EV’s standardize… – and use Tesla’s plug.

It’s unfortunate that the fast charging standard with the most vehicles out on the road (aside from Tesla) – use Chademo.

EA for the most part is putting in 4 charging stations – each with two plugs, only one to be in use at a time. So for the 3 stations that have 2 CCS plugs, only one can be in use at any given time. And if a car with a CCS pulls up and plugs in at the only station with Chademo, then those with Chademo charging will be stuck waiting when there may be 3 other chargers wide open with CCS.

Grass and Battery love Cool Weather

I think Honda Clarity is also partly to be blamed for Leaf’s slow down. They both are in similar price range, and we ultimately bought Clarity because of better interior, seating, and additional advantage of a gasoline engine.

The lease deal on Clarity is 40% cheaperr!!! People posting one pays of as low as $7300 for 36/2k leases. Compare that to the $17k i was offered for the Leaf….crazy!

You can lease a Bolt for cheaper than that. And Bolt leases deals sorta blow right now. Lol

True. I know, i follow leasehackr too. Too bad i hate the design…and kinda wanna have the epadel in my next car.

The Bolt deal just posted by SOCALChevyPro today for Bolt LT MSRP $37,890
$2,500 Due at Signing
12k miles – $253 + tax

This is what Nissan of SJC wants for Leaf SV MSRP 37250:…………lol
$2,929 Due at Signing
12k miles – $419 + tax

They would love to have the opportunity to earn my business…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

No you can’t. I just check and clarity lease to start off is better then the bolts

Not in SoCal. The Bolt deal i posted above is 11355…..the best Clarity phev (i assume you are not talking about the ev since that is not comparable in any way to the Bolt) deal i got so far was at 12500. You also have to realize that the Bolt gets 2500 in fed credit while the Clarity only 1500.

I looked at the fuel cell model, its a great price for a 20k mile per year lease so when I went to get one I found out from two dealers (and one friend that works for American Honda) there weren’t any in stock…. anywhere! And the dealers couldn’t say when Honda would be releasing more.

The cars are just too expensive. They need to drop the price 10 grand USD. Americans cannot even afford smokes and beer and tattos, and health insurance. How can they afford a $23K electric car or a used $8K USD electric car.

Lol…but seriously, you can take a 500e lease for less than your cable or phone bill after gas savings and credits? Now what that say about our cable and phone bills?

In the US health insurance is provided for those over 65 and those with low incomes, if you’re employed your employer pays and if you are an independent contractor you buy it yourself.We have by far the best doctors,whick is the whole point, besides if you are in Canada or overseas you take forever to be seen.

Instead of spreading Fox propaganda why don’t you buy a ticket and travel abroad a bit. What we got here is the best equipment (not doctors) and we pay alot for that. The rest of the healthcare system is a bad joke compared to other civilized nations.

We do have the best expensive medical equipment. I would say the doctors coming out of Cuba are top notch. They are more focused on healthcare and less focused on money. One of my son’s buddies is a doctor. All he talked about in med school when he visited us was the money and cars and homes he was going to buy. He never mentioned helping anyone.

So untrue. Repeating Fauxnews bs.

I wish my employer paid for all of my insurance. After I retire I still have to get insurance to cover the 20% medicare doesn’t. We need the individual mandate. Everybody needs car insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, and healthcare insurance, until we get something better.

Low income p[eople have to travel miles and miles to get to a “free mercy clinic or hospital”. Most poor people I see in the Doc Boxes pay cash upfront for their services. I have insurance and it cost me $50 for a routine doc visit. I hear them asking $75 cash for those without insurance.

That’s great news, 1234 more gas cars off the road. The sooner the last gas car is off the road the better. I saw where the LEAF was ranked in the top 20 cars for reliability by consumer reports for the last decade. Most consumer advocates rank it at the top or the top three in reliability. Having owned 7 of those top 20 cars I would have to say the LEAF is the most reliable car our family has ever owned. Those Corrolla and Camry engines and SR5 and Landcruiser transmissions, belts and hoses killed us. And the Miata literally fell apart as it was driven down the road. The CRV was good for us but expensive to maintain. They said they docked the LEAF 10 or 15 spots because it didn;t go 200 miles. Who in the world drives 200 miles? Be serious. Most people buy gasoline $5 or $10 at a time, how far are they going on 2 or 3 gallons of gas, maybe 45 miles at best. The sooner we can put the last gas car to rest the better. Lots of great used EVs out there now for people looking to divest from fossil… Read more »

Who drives 200 mils? Everyone….onece of twice a year…maybe. You want people to be rational and optimize their car purchase for 98% of driving or pay thousands more $ and get to 100%? People are f*ing weird!

Rent for this 1 or 2 times of the year

absolutely! ….or fly and rent, that’s what i do.

Of course there is 497% increase over this time last year. They had stopped production and the only thing Leafs available were cars languishing on the lots even with heavy discounts as people were awaiting the 2018 models.

No availability issues per their dealer inventory search. Plenty to choose from with over 3000 in the United States.

So much for the Leaf being a Bolt killer.

whoever said that? Model 3 is the Bolt *and* Leaf killer, in the US at least.

How many LEAFs have been sold world-wide? That is the number that counts.

At the end of September the Leaf had sold over 66,000 units – and before anyone asks, that’s the owner has taken delivery and driven the car home. Nissan is on course to sell about 85 to 90,000 Leafs this year. Not bad for a car that has too small a battery, a supposed charging problem named “rapid gate” and a lack of thermal management system on the battery. I wonder how they will do with e-plus when they rectify these “problems”…

Good point the economy is in terrible shape. I counted 20 abandoned homes driving to work he other day before loosing count. We need cheaper cars for the masses. I have not had a significant raise in 10 years much less a tax cut. Somebody is doing well but ISAHIM. Hopefully all brands will start discounting their EVs soon. All car sales are in the tank. Even Tesla is begging people to order their cars now and sweetening the pot with free supercharging. Dont wait for the 35K Tesla drive an used EV now and wait for the 12K Tesla.

Maybe you need to find a better place to live and a new job that pays.

And please take a vacation immediately.

Yelp. Us Americans became lazy expecting the jobs to stay in our towns forever but they do move so we got to move with them or change our careers. Generations ago that was the norm , you go where the jobs are located. Now people will vote against their own interests because they want their jobs back instead of looking and moving

Oncor is offering a $3,000 rebate on the purchase of a new Leaf. That is on top of the $7,000 federal tax credit and $2,500 Texas rebate. So if you live in Texas and are an Oncor customer (most people in Texas are) you are eligible for $13,000 in incentives towards the purchase of a new Leaf.

But you better hurry, the Oncor offer ends 1/2/19. Nissan dealers usually offer pretty good deals but this Oncor offer may give you some leverage if your dealer is trying to play hardball.

Excellent deal. Drive that car in the 20-80% range and it will lst a lifetime. If you go beyond the 270 mile range with the optional quick charger pay your dumb buddy that still drives a 4 runner to drive.

Fed is 7,500 not 7,000
If you take that rebate watch out, they will not give you 0% apr which translates into an additional $3150k at 4%. They tried to pull that on me with the SCE rebate….which is same shit, a discount of msrp….actually form the manufacturer not utility.

I got a 2018 Leaf SL with tech package in April 2018. The lease deals sucked, but I was ready to move up to the 2018. I had leased two model 1 Leafs and loved them – the only service I had was to change the cabin air filter once a year. Before this one, we leased a leftover new 2015 i3 Rex which was a nice car, but lacked many features of the new Leaf. We really love the Leaf, but don’t take any long trips so the 150 miles is fine. I didn’t want another i3 because mine only had a camera, not radar and the ICC would cut out when facing the sun. The latest one has radar I believe so that has been fixed. But it still lacks some of the safety features of the Leaf. When we had the i3, we missed the surround view, but now have it back. Being elders, we need all the help we can get. The ePedal is also a hit. I like the ProPilot, but it IS a first generation. I think my i3 did not have a blind spot in the mirrors. The Leaf does and, assuming you… Read more »

Rapid gate killed it. They could save the product by upgrading the software and letting people burnout the battery

Nissan is still not serious about selling EVs — if they were — they would have way more to offer at this point. Any head start they had is long gone…. I have a 2013 Leaf and a 2018 Model 3. There is absolutely no comparison between the two other than they both plug in!