Nissan LEAF Sales Down Slightly In U.S. In November


Steady is how LEAF sales have rolled most of the year, but now we see another slight downturn.

November 2018 is likely to be the strongest sales month in U.S. history, but the Nissan LEAF just can’t seem to move the electric car needle all that much these days.

With just 1,128 LEAFs sold in November, sales again are down compared to the 1,234 LEAF sold in October. On the flip side, last November saw LEAF sales at just 175 units, so year-over-year sales are up an impressive 544.6 percent.

Looking back, there were 1,563 LEAFs sold in September, up from the 1,315 LEAFs sold in August, and an improvement over the sales we noted of 1,149 LEAFs sold in July.

Looking at YTD figures for the LEAF we note that cumulative sales for the first 11 months of 2018 now stand at 13,048, which is a decent improvement over the first 11 months of 2017 when LEAF sales totaled 11,128.

It now seems the best figure Nissan can hope for in all of 2018 is somewhere near 15,000 LEAFs sold. That’s a dissappoint if you consider that in the best of times (2014 ) LEAF sales hit upwards of 30,000 units in a single year.

2018 Nissan LEAF
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Nissan Leaf sales in the Netherlands in november 2018 were 657.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Nissan Leaf sales should only be followed globally. The bigger sales numbers seem to move around the world every month.

Maybe just coincidence, but on months I don’t wait much for Leaf at DCFC are the months the Leaf sales are down. OTOH, lots of waiting for i3 in Nov. I’m curious if i3 sales increased, although some used i3 gets free charging so they would not show up in new car sales report.

I’m guessing they are getting osborned pretty hard with the 60kWh model with active cooling ready to debut. Hopefully this will be sooner than later.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Yup, I tell everyone to wait for the 2019 version.

Depends on what your commute is. No need to wait for a Cadillac if a Chevy works just fine. With any EV try to find one that goes about twice as far as your daily commute then you will have plenty of juice for AC and Heat and extra errands. Lots of great used bargains on Volts and LEAFs and refurbished Teslas too.

The 2019 car will be a good one that is for sure. I just hope they can drop the price some. A lot of people resent the fact that EVs are only affordable for 1% of the people. I like to try and point out that those tax credits are passed on to used car consumers. The best bargains out there are 2013 Volts and 2015 LEAFs, if the range suite your needs.

The YTD (11 months) cumulative U.S. sales figures for the LEAF are up almost 20%.

Probably not too bad when considering that the Leaf range boost, from the 30 kWh to 40 kWh battery (33% bat./cap. increase) , only adds approximately 40 (44 EPA) additional miles.

The 2018 Leaf is not quite the game changing EV that the Model 3 has demonstrated and pretty much proven in 2018.

The new mid-range Leaf is a better car than the short-range Leafs that came before, but maybe the Leaf buying public is waiting for the long-range, 60+ kWh version? Or, more likely, Nissan has squandered most of the good will they earned with the early Leaf by making the range improvements way too slowly.

I think most LEAF owners are planning on another 10 years of excellent service. If the car meets their commuting requirements they will last forever.

Great News! Another 1100 gas cars off the road. I have seen several new Model 3s lately, even more good news. If they can use their new EVs, regardless of brand, in the 20-80% charge range they will see 10 to 20 years of great battery service. Enjoy your new Emission free lifestyle, you will be over “range anxiety” in no time and free of withdrawals from your fossil fuel cancerous addiction.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Unless it’s lease renewals, of course.

Although, I suppose those used Leafs have to go somewhere…

I will be glad when the prices of all EVs drop 15 to 25%. That will be a game changer I hope, when younger High School kids can afford to buy used EVs and modifying them with the drop and spread. They will not need any muffler mods, just a good drop and spread.

In 2014 there was little EV (pure play plug-in) competition. Toyota didn’t come to plugin Prius for three more years. Honda Civic plugins hybrids last week (if you’ve been waiting). I bot a VW E.Golf in 2016, got hooked on EV. Financed a 2018 Leaf and never regretted the move.

They’ve let the LEAF become obsolete. 😔

Add a CCS port and increase the battery size.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

You mean replace the J1772 with a CCS port, right? CCS + J1772 would be a bit redundant. :p

Not with j1772 being almost everywhere an EVSE is… It will take many years for CCS to grow into ‘available’ versus ‘niche.’ Why limit a user’s access, can you not connect a J1772 into CCS? Rumors of a Tesla to CCS adapter are in the works, more demand, more chargers…

How is the Leaf obsolete, when it’s sold 75,000 in the first ten months of the year?

Range! Why didn’t Nissan just fix that damn problem. If they had, then they would’ve sold like 100000 units easy.

They were afraid to cannibalize their ICE sales!

Nissan have sold some 75,000 Leafs in the first 10 months of this year, globally. They’re selling like hotcakes outside the US.

We have entered a new era with EV’s, era of the 400+ KM or 250+ Mile range EV. Anything less is obsolete. This is why Leaf sales in US is dismal.

I hear you about range being critically important but I see it as more of a spectrum. A 40 kWh Leaf would work perfectly for 10% of the car buying public while a 100 kWh Tesla would work perfectly for 90% of the car buying public. But price plays as large a role as range. So a 238 mile Bolt works for people who need more range than the current Lraf but cant afford a Tesla. Even though the bolt has just 238 miles of AER.

Nice summary.
Bought a Bolt about a year ago and could not be happier about the choice. My Leaf was OK as a city car but, a poor choice for driving more than fifty miles. With 200+ plus miles range in the Bolt it is nearly equal to a Tesla at a reduced price. Here in the Pacific NW there are plenty of free level 2 chargers. Plus, the plugShare app makes range anxiety nearly non-existent.

Excellent choice, the Bolt is a great commuter for up to 125 miles.

Actually a 40kWh LEAF would be sufficient for over 90% of the population. It has a practical range of 75 to 80 miles for daily commuting. If your commute is over that you might consider moving or finding a new job.

Until gas prices explode, people don’t care much about EV’s

Not sure about that. Lots of folks want to stop pumping crap into our air. Maybe money is not everything?

I think the Osborne effect is rearing it’s head. While I’m not in the market for a Leaf, if I were, I’d be waiting for the e+Leaf that originally should have been out over a month ago.

Then again it’s assuming that many future Leaf owners/adopters are informed enough to know about the 60…

Lots of speculation here on why the numbers suck but if you are in the market to lease one you know why. It has nothing to do with the 60kWh version which will debut whenever, it’s all about the ridiculously bad lease deals they have. You can get an i3 and save $100 on the monthly for crying out loud!

that would do it. I got a great lease deal on a 2017. Yes, I have to rent to do trips, but it works great for my daily driving.

Truth ‼️

That was for Mark

Nissan have sold 75,000 Leafs in the 10 months of the year. How are those bad numbers? The 2018 Leaf is selling like hotcakes.

“Sales Down Slightly In U.S.”
Do you know what “U.S.” means?

I could care seriously care less.

I was a Nissan fan after owning 2 🍃 Leaf’s over 5 1/2 years.

I am no longer interested in doing business with a corrupt car company.

And they refuse to sell the eNV200 stateside even though the Nissan Titan could easily subsidize it.

According to some people, this must mean that Nissan has no intention of selling it much in the US. It is for US compliance reasons only. (Yes, those people are insisting that on any EVs that don’t sell like Tesla).

Nissan has thousands of trained LEAF technicians at every Nissan dealer. I think they are in for the long haul. Not so sure about the car salesman though. They are not interested in selling the cars.

They’ve sold some 75,000 Leafs in the first 10 months of year, globally.

hello from China, around 2400 of the new China’s version of Leaf sold in November.