148 Nissan LEAF Batteries Power This Stadium

JUN 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 8

Nissan presents one of its latest and apparently Europe’s largest energy storage system with electric car batteries at the Johan Cruijff Arena stadium in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Nissan energy storage system with LEAF battery modules at the the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 2.8 MWh/3 MW ESS was installed in partnership with Eaton, BAM, The Mobility House and the Johan Cruijff ArenA, supported by the Amsterdam Climate and Energy Fund (AKEF) and Interreg.

We are not convinced that the Nissan’s installation is the largest in Europe as there are bigger ones, especially the new 16.5 MWh ESS in UK (500 BMW i3 packs).

It consists of new and used (second-life) LEAF batteries – an equivalent of 148 packs (63 used and 85 new).

The main purpose of the system is to make the electricity system more reliable and efficient, as well as to lighten the stress on the grid.

The ESS complements the solar energy system with 4,200 panels on the roof of the arena.

Having its own power source and battery limits the need for diesel generators and decreases peak demand from the grid during the events.

Amsterdam Energy ArenA

“The 3 megawatt storage system provides a more reliable and efficient energy supply and usage for the stadium, its visitors, neighbors and the Dutch energy grid. Combining Eaton power conversion units and the equivalent of 148 Nissan LEAF batteries, the energy storage system not only enables a more sustainable energy system, it also creates a circular economy for electric vehicle batteries.

Flexible storage capacity

Nissan energy storage system with LEAF battery modules at the the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The energy storage system plays an important role in balancing supply and demand of energy in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The storage system with 3 megawatts and 2.8 – megawatts hour is enough to power several thousand households. This capacity also means that the energy produced by the 4,200 solar panels on the roof of the ArenA can also be stored and used optimally. The energy storage system will provide back-up power, reducing the use of diesel generators, and provide relief to the energy grid by flattening the peaks that occur during concerts.

Johan Cruijff ArenA

Johan Cruijff ArenA is an important player in the top league of international, multi-purpose stadiums. It is the home of AFC Ajax and the stage for the Dutch national team, big concerts, dance events and business meetings. Johan Cruijff ArenA welcomes more than two million visitors annually. Johan Cruijff ArenA makes it all about the audience experience. Together with its partners, Johan Cruijff ArenA offers top-level services and facilities, and is constantly working on creating an optimal fan experience in and around the stadium.

Amsterdam Innovation Arena

Nissan energy storage system with LEAF battery modules at the the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The stadium’s new energy storage system and related company, Amsterdam Energy ArenA BV, are concrete results of the innovation program managed by Amsterdam Innovation Arena, in which knowledge institutions, governments and companies such as BAM, Nissan, Eaton and The Mobility House are working on the stadium of the future.

The stadium and neighboring area function as a Living Lab; a hotspot for testing innovations in practice. Innovative concepts and ideas as well as proven solutions in the field of stadium construction, management and exploitation will find their way to stadiums, sports and recreational areas throughout the world via Johan Cruijff ArenA International. The partners in Amsterdam Innovation Arena are: Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam City Council, Amsterdam Smart City, TNO, KPN, KPMG, Huawei, Microsoft, Signify, Nissan, Eaton, Honeywell and BAM.”

Henk van Raan, director of innovation at the Johan Cruijff ArenA said:

Nissan energy storage system with LEAF battery modules at the the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Thanks to this energy storage system, the stadium will be able to use its own sustainable energy more intelligently and, as Amsterdam Energy ArenA BV, it can trade in the batteries’ available storage capacity. The ArenA is assured of a considerable amount of power, even during an outage. As a result, the stadium will contribute to a stable Dutch energy grid. The Johan Cruijff ArenA is one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world and leads the way in introducing smart innovations like this unique energy storage system.”

Francisco Carranza, Managing Director of Nissan Energy said:

“We are delighted to be part of the Europe’s largest energy storage system developed for a commercial building. Thanks to the Johan Cruijff Arena we can demonstrate today that re-purposing the batteries of Nissan electric vehicles can contribute to make the whole energy system more efficient and sustainable. We are putting our electric ecosystem at the heart of a sustainable future, transforming the way we drive and also transforming the way we live’.

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Another shining example of a pollution free solution for large scale enterprises. One hopes that they wouldn’t have to use the diesel generator set all, maybe they need to add a few more batteries and solar panels.


The diesel generators are back up in case of outages. The battery will now be used as back up.

Apparantly artists also travel with generators for back up. ArenA will now try to rent out the battery capacity to these artist.

Get Real

My question is, did they do what Nissan failed to do and actually have some sort of TMS system for this considerable investment to prevent pre-mature battery fade?


At a maximum of 1C loads and being stored in a temperature controlled room it shouldn’t be much of a issue.


Main goal is stability of the electricity network. It is part of the reserve capacity of the network operator in the Netherlands to handle peak demand and production times.


This is true. The Johan Cruijff Arena is well known to create a local power blackout if both roof panels would be closed shut at the same time, so they do that one by one, and have so for the last 20+ years.


Britain or UK now exiting the EU community, the tittle still hold thrue. It’s Europe biggest ESS!


The Brits haven’t left the Euro building just yet!