Nissan & Infiniti Both Expected To Reveal Next-Gen EVs In Detroit


As the LA Auto Show comes to a close, we look forward to NAIAS and its electric debuts.

As Autoblog recently reported, Nissan and Infiniti chief designer has teased that both brands will come forth with electric vehicle debuts at the 2019 North American International Auto Show. The show will take place in Detroit starting January 12. Apparently, theses new vehicles will expand upon the new electric architecture that was previously shown at last year’s show via the Infiniti Q Inspiration concept.

Sadly, no specific information was provided as to what type of vehicles the automaker is talking about here. Obviously, we’ll know more when the concepts make their way to Detroit. Additionally, they will also be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. In a recent interview, global design senior chief Alfonso Albaisa told Autoblog:

The Q Inspiration kind of hinted at it and we avoided discussing too much about what’s driving that car. Of course, we talked about VC-Turbo, which is also possible. But if you really look at the car, Q Insipiration shifted the cabin forward. It was the first one to break the [mold] of Infiniti. So how to still have this artistry and this sense of carrozzerie (coachbuilding) of Infiniti without kind of the stereotypical long hood and the cabin shifted back and the windshield has to go through the center of the front wheel, these golden rules.

We covered Infiniti’s Q launch last January (linked above). However, according to this new report, EV tech previously set for Japan could make its way into these upcoming concepts. In addition, the exec spoke to some next-gen “magic carpet” battery packs. He remarked that they are able to power larger vehicles and are thinner and denser.

Albaisa went on to say that Nissan Group has an advantage due to its current all-electric offerings and platforms. He also admitted that while this may just be the showcasing of a few vehicle concepts, it could result in “more of a whole family of cars.”

This is especially exciting due to the source company and its history in the segment. Meaning, it’s not likely some vaporware effort.

Source: Autoblog

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With Calos still behind bars, who cares.. Crappy way to treat the guy who save them from death.

Japan is super corrupt and they are now showing the entire world just how corrupt Japan 🇯🇵 really is. I will no longer be buying Nissan ‼️

Will that be before or after you toss your Keurig out the window?

I own a Jura.

I hope there’s some real detail in this reveal. We’ve heard that in the coming years Nissan is bringing out 4 new BEVs, and Infiniti will have 2. I assume that the two Infinitis will simply be Infiniti versions of Nissan models, and one of the Nissan-only models will be their EV minivan, the NV200. The remaining Nissan? I have no idea.

ZZzzzzzzz. More concept cars. How about just delivering the 200 mile range Leaf?

I don’t have words to express my feeling about Infiniti, they have EV concept in every car shows for over 10 years, way before anyone else with their concepts, so far they have zero, nothing, nadda that come out with their concepts.

Infiniti keep changing direction every few years just before they are about to release a car. Sounds like they are on the EV path now.

Woohoo more concept cars . Awesome. /s

That is actually a very nice looking car.

Looks really good from the headlights and back. The front. . I need to get used to it.. at least not boring. I hope they make a car with this design.

I thought the Q sedan was an interesting car until I heard it was powered by a turbo-4. Yawn. Another 200 hp motor you have to rev the wee out of to get anywhere in a hurry. Why doesn’t Nissan put that kind of design and styling effort into an EV. It seems to have worked for Tesla.

Hiroto Saikawa San

We successfully killed Infiniti Q50 & Q70 hybrids.
We successfully reduced Rogue-Hybrid to a limited volume car.
We successfully reduced Leaf to a low volume car without the TMS.

We can just talk about electrification and do nothing and keep selling the gas guzzlers.

He is a yes-man, and not a leader.

He turned on Carlos and Greg.

He’ll soon regret it.

Seems to be a secret agreement with the global auto industry, aside from Tesla, to build “Wind Catcher” front grills. This will limit top end performance and highway mileage.

Gee, why would you cripple the performance of electrics, while you sell gas cars?