Nissan Doubled LEAF Sales In Japan In First Half of 2018

JUL 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

In June, Nissan barely increased LEAF sales in Japan, which hopefully is not an early sign of saturation after nine months of the second-generation version being on the market.

In total, 1,462 LEAFs were sold last month in Japan, which is only 6% more than a year ago. However, sales in June were historically pretty flat anyways in Japan.

The new LEAF is currently the #39 best-selling model in Japan (June) and #32 over the first six months of 2018.

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan – June 2018

In the first half of the year, Nissan more than doubled LEAF sales in Japan to 14,586 (up 103% year-over-year). It’s already safe to say that the year 2018 will be a record one for the LEAF in Japan.

Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan – June 2018

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The Nissan Leaf sales in the US, in the first half of next year (2019), could follow this years commendable Japanese first half doubling sales success.

The US has been patiently waiting for the 2019 60kWh Leaf, with a battery Liquid TMS, and favorable lease terms, compared with what currently is on offer, on the Chevy Bolt!

I’m not sure why anyone would pick the 2019 Leaf over the Bolt. GM’s history with EVs may not be great, recalling and crushing the EV1 and all, but at least GM’s batteries have a strong track record.

Nissan has a pretty established track record at this point of putting out a new generation of battery, insisting it won’t have issues, then it coming out a few months later that there’s issues. Yes, they’re saying the 2019 won’t have issues, but this is the 4th time they’ve said that in under a decade. They were proven to be lying the other 3 times. Might they finally be saying the truth this time? Maybe, but why would you choose to be the one to test that?

And then you’ve got the issue of the Model 3… for most people, it seems like the Model 3 would be a better choice than the Bolt.

“I’m not sure why anyone would pick the 2019 Leaf over the Bolt”

A faster charge rate would be an obvious one. Pro pilot might be another. Usable cargo space, comfortable seats. At present the Leaf is a better car while the Bolt has a better battery. Price is where this battle will be won or lost.

If you need a RHD EV you would have to choose the Leaf or Model 3 over the Bolt.

2019 Nissan Leaf 60Kwh will have batteries made by LG Chem, same as the Bolt… Nissan Leaf is also cheaper and offers more technologies.

How do you know the 60kwh pack will be cheaper then the competition? I’d personally get the 3 anyways but I dont see why the leaf fans keep say that with no proof. I’m sure it will compete nicely with the bolt either way.

The US sales numbers, for the Leaf and the Bolt in last four months, have demonstrated that 357 more people have chosen to buy or lease the Leaf over the Bolt.

I’m not sure why people are currently choosing the Leaf over the Bolt, in North America either. Could it be the price and technology options, that the 2018 Leaf provides, be what consumers find favorable over the additional range (20kWh) and other options available on the Chevy Bolt?

Obviously, price is one reason why people would choose the 40 kWh Leaf over the Bolt. The fact that it’s readily available everywhere, rather than just in ZEV markets, surely also helps.

Don’t forget, a lot of people will also buy something when they get recommendations from other people. There are a LOT of satisfied Leaf owners, but not many Bolt yet. If the person next door is most likely to have a Leaf, and you got all your information and glowing report from them, then you would be likely to follow suit and also buy the Leaf. I think that has a lot to do with it as well.

Could it be that the people in Japan are waiting for the 60 kWh Nissan Leaf?

So in a half-year in their home country, Nissan sold 3 weeks of Model 3 production’s worth of LEAFs.

And this represents a doubling of sales.

“The new LEAF is currently the #39 best-selling model in Japan (June) and #32 over the first six months of 2018.”

The Nissan Note e-Power (= NON-Plug-In EV) is the best selling car in Japan (in the first half of 2018).

What does this mean?

Perhaps people in Japan are not very fond of Plug-In cars in general?

The best selling plugin vehicle in US will rank at #93 during H1 2018, and the next one Prius Prime ranks #132.

People in Japan (and also in Europe and the USA) love to drive electric but are scared to have a car with a plug.
The e-Power provides a real electric drive 100% of the time without ever plugging in.

Once people are used to driving electric, they will not like to go back to driving an ICEV.

It is the classic drug pusher MO. First get them hooked, then charge the price. In this case, let them drive electric, then explain that the real benefits come when using a plug in stead of visiting the gas station.

It is probably the best way to convert all the Archie Bunker types to driving electric, and we have more of them than you think.

How can it provide 100% electric drive without plugging in? Does the petrol motor only come on when you are parked and not in the car? How does this help move then to electric? They still go to the service station and still pay that high petrol prices.
As far as I’m concerned this is the fake situation that car companies would love and doesn’t change a person’s opinion at all. If it could plug in and the person sees their petrol price dwindle due to plugging in, like a PHEV, that can change your opinion. Probably they really love this because it is a small Japanese car that is cheaper to run, and because they have been sold a fake idea that it is electric. Electric means more than just a generator running an electric motor (or a generator charging a battery that runs the electric motor).