Nissan CES 2019: “See The Invisible” Plus Maybe 60-kWh LEAF e-Plus

DEC 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 28

Nissan to present LEAF Nismo RC and IMx KURO

Nissan confirmed its presence at the upcoming 2019 CES in January with several EVs. The display is entitled “See the Invisible” 60 kWh LEAF and there is a chance that we will finally see the LEAF e-Plus as Nissan lists a “New vehicle introduction”.

The Japanese manufacturer will present the latest LEAF Nismo RC, which recently debuted in Japan, and the IMx KURO concept unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show (as a second version of the IMx from 2017 Tokyo Motor Show). There will be Nissan Energy demonstrations and more.

Nissan’s CES display (6906), North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center will focus on Nissan Intelligent Mobility and includes:

  • A new technology platform to “See the Invisible,” creating an entirely new driving experience through connected worlds
  • The U.S. debut of the all-new, twin electric motor, all-wheel drive Nissan LEAF NISMO RC racing machine
  • Nissan Energy demonstrations, including solutions that create a fully integrated electric vehicle ecosystem.
  • A display of the IMx KURO concept crossover electric vehicle
  • New vehicle introduction, displays and EV cafe

In January Infiniti intends to present a new electric crossover concept, however, that’s at the NAIAS in Detroit.

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Better switch to CCS for the 60kw

Not going to happen. Nissan will remain the last CHAdeMO holdout. And Tesla isn’t giving up their standard either. Like it or not, we will have three QC standards in the US for the foreseeable future. At least until a new ultra-fast standard comes around that makes them all obsolete.

Kind of like how we had two 3G cellular technologies – CDMA2000 (Verizon), and UMTS (AT&T). They competed against either other until they were both replaced by 4G LTE.

May I kindly point out to you that Tesla is going CCS in Europe. And it is the most obvious choice to do here because it will be the industrie standart, in Europe. Nissan should also go with it here in Europe because there will be so much more charger stations having CCS/Type 2 then CHademo.

Hard to say.

Nissan will be using CHAdeMO in 🇨🇳 China.

Notice that Tesla is making it’s chargers suppose two standards, so you can’t claim Tesla is holding them back. It’s CHAdeMO that is the odd-ball in North America.

It really depends on where you live in the US.

CHAdeMO has been around for a long time!

A comment from the interim chairman of Mitsubishi on Carlos Ghosn. Seems Mr. Ghosn is in cell without any screen, phone.
This is a flagrant violation. Is Japanese legal system treating Mr. Ghosn like saudis treated Mr. Jamal Kashoggi.

“Potentially the most significant “on-the-record” comment involving the Carlos Ghosn saga was by Osamu Masuko, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors.

Masuko is interim chairman of Mitsubishi, having replaced Ghosn following Ghosn’s arrest and removal from Mitsubishi’s board of directors in late November. He told reporters he doesn’t think there is “anyone else on earth other than Ghosn who could run Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi” – known collectively as the alliance.”

He’s 100% correct.

And like it or not, Ghosn is still the leader of Renault-Automobiles.

I now see my Leaf as French car rather than Nissan car.
Mitsubishi seems to prefer Renault rather than Nissan, since Nissan could kill Mitsu in home market.

Where did you seen jail with screens and phones??? Get real. One of the purposes of jail anywhere in the world is to restrict communication with other persons involved in the case.

He is accused of serious crime, embezzlement of many millions of shareholder money. You may get into jail for stealing $0.99 junk from Walmart, and nobody would show compassion for you.

It remains to be seen in court how it folds out, but it doesn’t look like is just about innocent victim taken by hostage by evil foreigners like portrayed, whatever the power games are played to take advantage of the situation.

Another Euro point of view

You don’t take millions from a company like Nissan like if it was a Napolitan pizzeria, OK for Ghosn to be in prison for not reporting his variable future pension payments but along with him in deep trouble should then also be:
1/ CFO of Nissan
2/ head of internal control dept.
3/ the audit firm who signed off those reports
If I understood well the NYT article about this he is in jail for a technicality regarding reporting requirements in respect of end of mandate compensations. I am not saying he should not be in jail but we should not shriek as abused virgins like if he forged signatures to transfer millions to this own bank accounts either, imagine a second how long Elon Musk could sit in jail in Japan with those strict standards.

Everything needs to be proved, they cannot keep him in detention without any charges. Saikawa could not show any charges against him. Its just a gang operation done by the gang leader saikawa.

If he has done mistake, he should be house arrested and not put in jail. Along with him, there is an American executive and the US govt does not seem to worry. Had it been a oil company executive, it would have been a different story. What a bias.

Ghosn and Kelly should be released today or tomorrow.

The request to hold them longer was denied by the courts.

We all know that 60 KWh version of Leaf will come, but what will its price be.
Nissan does not need to do a great buildup for an EV with 220 mile range as its becoming very common.
Just tell the price and launch date.

The price surcharge in Europe was already announced to be 5,500 Euro more than the 40 KWh gross (37 KWh net/usable) battery pack.


Tired of Nissans half baked promises, Hyundai will be my next electric or I may just keep my 2014 Leaf as it meets all my needs and replacement battery costs keep dropping.

Do you have any news on Leaf replacement battery prices going down? The last time I saw it mentioned it was still some $6k for the 30kWh pack.

Try $8 k + in the US for a “replacement battery”. That’s a little over a $2k price INCREASE, added earlier this year, from the NOT so HelpFool Nissan Folks!

Replacement battery costs jumped from $5500 to $8500, which I why I won’t purchase another used Leaf. If and/or when the battery craps out $8500 just is not worth it.

Nissan was making the second gen 24 kwh pack available at $2800.00, this a reconditioned unit will full warranty which was announced over a year ago.

I will tell you what is “Invisible” is Nissan’s TMS for the single most expensive part of an EV–the battery pack!

Time for Nissan to “Get Real”

Their 60 kwh version of Leaf has TMS. There’s no evidence that that the 40 kwh version suffers from excessive battery degradation. (It does charge slowly, however.)

Nissan lost me when they Bus-Tossed Carlos Ghosn and Greg Kelly under their Bus.

I am buying a TM3 and I’ll never be returning as a Nissan customer.

I wish Nissan the best with all their internal drama.

Great news folks.
Mr. Carlos Ghosn may be released as court did not give permission to extend the detention.
I wish French government puts more pressure on Japan.
I kindly request the editors of to publish articles related to him as show of support.

His presence is needed to make Leaf, Zoe and other EVs more successful.

Don’t be surprised if he divorces those *ssholes and forges an alliance with somebody else.

Beta vs VHS all over again. CCS vs CHAdeMO. I’ll stay with Tesla UMC in my 3 for me. It’s fun to rhyme all the time.