NIO ES8 Launches In China – Prices, Specs, Videos And More

DEC 19 2017 BY MARK KANE 23

Chinese company NIO launched in China its all-electric, seven-seat SUV – ES8, which seems set to become one of the best selling high-end BEVs next year in China.


The NIO ES8 is equipped with a 70 kWh battery (from CATL) for more than 355 km (220 miles) of NEDC range or 500 km (310 miles) at 60 km/h (37 mph). We expect that the real world range of car of this size and weight (2,460 kg) will be more like 180 miles. The battery is liquid cooled.

The specs are solid:

  • 0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 2.2 seconds
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.4 seconds

Using two 240 kW motors (480 kW total) for all-wheel drive, top speed stands at 180 km/h.

Braking 100-0 km/h can be done in just 33.8 m.

Interesting is that besides slow and fast charging capability (in one hour), NIO intends to offer 3-minute battery swap stations (at least 1,100 stations are to be built by 2020 in China) and mobile charging vans (+100 km/62 miles in 10 minutes).

NIO packed the ES8 with a lot of features and equipment, including autonomous driving features and NOMI mate assistant.

Pricing starts at 448,000 yuan (nearly $68,000), but there are battery lease offers available and access to battery swap stations. For comparison, Tesla Model X starts at 836,000 yuan after import taxes.

NIO ES8 – prices of base and upper trim with and without battery lease

Production of ES8 will be conducted by Jianghuai Automotive Corporation (JAC) as NIO doesn’t yet have its own factory.

NIO ES8 – 70 kWh battery





Press blast below:

NIO Launches ES8 SUV with New User Experience

  • NIO officially launches the ES8 in China with a base price of RMB 448,000, and unveils a battery rental plan.
  • NIO Pilot is the first advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) equipped with the Mobileye EyeQ4 system, featuring Highway Pilot, Traffic Jam Pilot, and automatic emergency braking
  • NIO unveils NOMI, the world’s first in-car AI system
  • ES8 owners will be first to access NIO Power, a three-minute battery-swapping solution demonstrated during NIO Day December 18, 2017 07:45 AM Eastern Standard Time

BEIJING–NIO celebrates the first “NIO Day” at Beijing Wukesong Arena with the official launch of the ES8 SUV.

NIO Launches ES8 SUV with New User Experience

The NIO ES8 is a 7-seater high performance electric SUV. The NIO ES8 has a base price of RMB 448,000 before subsidies, with 10,000 Founder’s Editions available for RMB 548,000. A battery rental plan is available to NIO users, which provides a RMB 100,000 discount on the purchase price of the ES8. The battery rental subscription is RMB 1,280 per month and enables ES8 owners to enjoy battery upgrading services, along with quality assurance, roadside assistance, car connectivity, and nationwide charging services. The NIO ES8 is customized and will be made to order. Those interested in purchasing an ES8 can place an order through the NIO App.

With both front and rear motors, the NIO ES8 delivers 480 kilowatts of power and 840 Newton meters of torque to all four wheels. This E-powertrain enables the ES8 to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds. The latest active air suspension on all ES8’s models creates comfortable, connected riding experience.

The ES8 is equipped with a 70-kilowatt-hour liquid-cooled battery pack comprised of cutting-edge VDA square cell batteries. These cells feature the highest energy density of their kind and provide a 2,000-charge lifecycle. The ES8’s drag coefficient is as low as 0.29. The ES8 achieves over 500 kilometers of range when constantly run at 60 kph, and the car achieves an NEDC range of 355 kilometers.

The ES8 goes beyond five-star safety. The ES8 is the first car to have an all-aluminium body and chassis featuring aerospace grade 7003 series aluminium alloy, enabling a torsional stiffness of 44,140 Nm/Deg. The ES8 features the highest amount of aluminium for any mass production car. With the excellent passive safety design and 21 active safety features, the ES8 stands out among vehicles in its class.

The ES8 is produced at a world-class fully automated factory. The R&D, design, supply chain, and factory ensure the ES8’s premium quality. The ES8 will finish a 3,000,000 km road test before NIO begins delivering the vehicle to users.

The ES8 has a 3,010 millimeter long wheelbase, the longest in its class, to create a truly mobile living space. The three-row, seven-seat layout makes full use of the interior space. The innovative “lounge seat” and “child-care mode”, together with the Nappa leather wrap, creates a cozy atmosphere, making users feel at home. The smart air quality system includes an activated carbon and HEPA filter and negative ion generator.

NIO launches NIO Pilot, its comprehensive advanced driver assistance system. NIO PILOT is enabled by 23 sensors, including a trifocal front-facing camera, four surround exterior cameras, five millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors and a driver monitor camera. The ES8 is the world’s first vehicle to come equipped with the Mobileye EyeQ4, which has a computation capacity nine-times more powerful than its predecessors. NIO PILOT’s software and hardware suite enables subscribers to enjoy upgraded services through FOTA updates.

NIO introduces NOMI, the world’s first in-car AI system. Powered by both in-car and cloud computation, NOMI interacts with people sitting in the vehicle and its emotion engine gives users a friend on the road. NOMI combines the ES8’s intelligence and car connectivity functionalities to turn the ES8 into a fun, expressive, and intuitive companion that can listen, talk, and help drivers along the way.

NIO unveils NIO Power, a new charging experience that allows the ES8’s battery to be swapped in three minutes. NIO Power also includes NIO Power Home, super charger network, and Power Mobile. Power Mobile is a brand-new power service product developed by NIO, which enables an ES8 to run 100 kilometers after charging for ten minutes. By 2020, NIO plans to build over 1,100 Power Swap Stations and deploy over 1,200 Power Mobile vehicles.

Powered by big data and cloud services, NIO’s power cloud connects each of the super chargers, power swap stations, NIO Mobile vehicles, battery pack, ES8, NIO Specialist and NIO’s user. As a result, NIO’s users can enjoy worry-free power services with just one click. The same mobile connectivity is also applied to vehicle services. NIO’s services cloud also integrates each of the NIO House, repair center, delivery center, service car, ES8, NIO Specialist and NIO user to provide worry-free services.

NIO also announces a strategic partnership with JD and SF Express to provide NIO users with in-car delivery services.

NIO has opened NIO Houses in Beijing, and announces their plan to open more NIO Houses in nine more cities in 2018, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Hefei, Suzhou and Wuhan.

The Grammy Award winning band Imagine Dragons performed for the 10,000 person crowd to end the event.

“We hope that we can have more people interested in smart electric vehicles by presenting ultimate products and services, and then we can achieve our vision of bringing back blue skies,” NIO Founder and Chairman, William Li, said at the inaugural NIO Day. “NIO wants people to enjoy owning a car again and aspires to redefine the experience of owning a car. The ES8 launch is another beginning for NIO.”

About NIO: Founded in November 2014, NIO is a global company with world-class research and development, design, manufacturing centers and user service centers in Shanghai, Beijing, San Jose, Munich, London, and fourteen other locations. NIO has more than 4000 employees from nearly 40 countries. The NIO Formula-e team secured the inaugural drivers’ championship title in 2015. In 2016, NIO unveiled the fastest electric car in the world, the EP9. The EP9 set the lap record for an electric vehicle at Nürburgring’s Nordschleife and three other world renowned tracks. In 2017, NIO unveiled the vision car EVE and announced that the NIO EP9 set a new world speed record for an autonomous vehicle at the Circuit of the Americas Race Track. NIO’s latest production car, the ES8, was unveiled at 2017 Shanghai Auto Show.

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Sorry, but NEDC of only 355km using a 70 kWh battery seems quite pathetic… For comparison, the Ioniq is rated 280km NEDC with a 28kWh battery if I’m not mistaking….

You’re forgetting these are completely different vehicle types. The Ioniq is a 5-seater FWD liftback, and this is a 7-seater AWD SUV — larger, one ton(!) heavier (2460kg vs. 1438kg) and certainly less aerodynamic, since it’s taller.

You could drive an ioniq into the back of one of these cars. Is that a valid comparison?

The Tesla Model X’s 70D version, which is a slightly smaller car than the Nio, only gets about 380km on the NEDC (the 70D wasnt rated on NEDC. So, extrapolating between the 60D and the 75D) The difference there is more or less a wash.

And the Tesla semi could only go for about 35 miles. Friggin pathetic!!


Off course, all valid points (be it slightly exaggerated 😉 ), and every new EV available is good news.
Let’s just hope people choose a suitable car for their purposes (and for instance not for the ‘what if I go to IKEA once during the next 4 years’ 🙂 )… so many people on the road driving SUVs only to bring their kids to school and go to their office job.

Interior is surprisingly luxurious and well finished. It would sell very well here in the US where we have a huge appetite for large SUVs. Just need to change the front fascia to something more elegant.

Now that I think of it the front fascia kind of has fangs similar to the base Prius!

It is an attempt to copy general Toyota styling, not only Prius. Trying to copy Toyota (or whatever is the latest trend) is what Chinese automakers do now. Eventually they will learn how to do things properly, though it takes time.

Well it’s a start I guess. Not too impressive although I’m sure it will do well in China.

The latest automation technology is not impressive to you?

Another Euro point of view

I am curious to see how many EVs will be sold in China in 2019. I would not be surprised it to be 3 times as many as in Europe and 4 times as many as in the US for same year. China is the place where the EV revolution will take place with Europe and the US following reluctantly at a grandma pace. Just see how many OEMs are heavily investing in EV production in China

That’s because ironically, to a capitalist, communist China is the only market that matters now. If the western companies want to continue to grow, make short term profits and keep their shareholders happy, they must sell their souls, share their technology with the communist Chinese government and set up shop in the world’s most important consumer market. You are correct that change towards BEVs will happen fastest in China and that’s because the government is totalitarian and the people are submissive. If they say all cars will be electric, then all cars will be electric and the people have little say in it. The other reason is because the car market there will absolutely be bigger than America, or Europe. So even if sales of EVs stand at only 2% in all areas of the world, that will be more EVs sold in China then anywhere else. China is a monster and it will break the west into submission. I predict that by no later than 2040, China will rule the world. It’s not as easy to spot, but if you look closely, you can see all those Chinese wearing red hats that say- “Make China great again!” and year… Read more »

_Communist_ China? ROFL.
China is certainly an authoritarian country, totalitarian in some respects (human rights), but it hasn’t been properly Communist since 1978, when they started a series of economic reforms, or Communist at all since about 2000. Their economic system is full-on market capitalism, much less unfettered than in the US.
You should read up:,_beginning_in_1978

If you believe that a fifth of humanity is composed of horned monsters wanting to destroy you, that speaks more about your own insecurities than anything else. The world goes through these kinds of power transfers every century and the world hasn’t ended.

The US was not a monster that broke the rest of the world to submission in the 20th century. Nor did the UK hold on to power till they were broken down. China in the 21st century will likely take the reins if and when the conditions warrant it. The Chinese, in most dimensions, are already world leaders. In many others, the US still exhibits strong dynamism. No monsters or victims to be seen yet. Of course, the Chinese will find ways to get what they need from the rest of the world, but they will also find ways to cooperate with and enrich the rest of the world – exactly like how we Americans have interacted with the world for the past 100 years.

Nice looking, work well for dropping the kids at school and soccer practice. Could do well here.

Whats the deal with all the UGLY front end styling on the Toyota, Lexus and now this Monstrosity. Sure, the rest of the vehicle looks fine. I think they started this styling due to FCVs with their need for a huge cowl to meet the massive cooling needs for their drive train. Then they incorporated on the rest of their vehicles so their FCVs want look out of place as bad. I hate this styling trend.

I do like NIOs business model and them not building a factory they cant afford as a startup…
Interestingly they also chose JAC to build it as JAC is who VW is partnering with to build EVs for China and theirs should start sales next year…

It is frustrating that China seems to get so many more EV choices than the US for SUV/CUV’s. I really don’t understand why there aren’t more choices similar to this vehicle in the US.

I agree.

Not to mention that they are actually getting many more BEV and PHEV version of the CUV/SUV which is exactly what American consumers want.

We can’t even get the freaking Outlander PHEV after all these years.

I am usually not a conspiracy person. But this certainly looks like one…
There must be some back room deals between all the automakers to not offering PEV SUV/CUV in the US.

How big is the Frunk?

Wow, this is a full size EV and they could have made it as 8 seater.

As usual mainstream media said that this carries 1/2 the price of Model-X which is false. $68,000 is just $12,000 less than Model-X which has a range of 240 miles and also slightly bigger. So Nio ES8 is not much cheaper than Model-X.

What a sad thing that the American media talks against American automaker.

Another Euro point of view

In China Model X is much more expensive due to import tariff, that’s my guess at least of how mainstream media is reaching that 1/2 price as compared to Model X. That’s the problem with competition in general, Tesla was competition free in high end EV’s so far, this car, coming i-pace and new Audi BEV SUV is ending this situation as from sometimes in 2018. At the same time we will have a substantial charging network ramping up. End of 2018 and mainly 2019 will be interesting to watch as regards this precise market share ($60K+ EVs).