Lexus will unveil an entire concept model lineup at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 on October 25.

The automaker says it will show a sustainable vision for the "future of cars" inside a booth that will feature traditional Japanese craftsmanship and exhibits highlighting electrification and AI technology used in next-generation BEVs.

Lexus will exhibit under the theme "Discover a future you can't wait to navigate!" at the show running October 26 through November 5. The luxury brand did not reveal details about the EV concepts that will be shown in Tokyo, but released three teaser images that provide some clues.

We've already seen one of them, the one that shows the aggressive front end of a low-slung vehicle featuring boomerang-shaped headlights, sharp creases on the hood, and slim side view cameras. We suspect this may be the sleek fastback sedan concept Lexus teased for the first time in April 2023 and then again last month.

The second teaser image (the one at the top of the page) appears to feature the same vehicle, only this time we get a look at the rear end seen from above. Details like the fastback treatment, the cabin that narrows towards the back, the broad rear haunches, and the sculpted bumper clearly stand out. We can also notice an illuminated Lexus lettering at the lower edge of the rear window.

Lexus EV concept teaser front end

The electric fastback is expected to debut in production form in 2026 built on a brand-new modular platform, using a reengineered production process, and placing emphasis on efficiency.

Expect a range of over 497 miles from a new performance lithium-ion battery pack that will also enable a fast charging time of 20 minutes or less from 10 to 80 percent state of charge (SOC). Improved aerodynamics and reduced vehicle weight are also said to contribute to the range figure.

While the fastback concept seems to be a given, the third teaser image that previews the design of Lexus' booth includes the silhouettes of two additional vehicles that may or may not be on display at the show.

The one on the left appears to be another fastback sedan, while the one on the right is taller and looks like a crossover. Mind you, we're not sure the latter is a concept vehicle because its profile looks a lot like the Lexus RZ.

Speaking of the booth, its theme will be "Pushing the Boundary of the Electrified Experience." It will feature traditional Japanese aesthetics and environmentally friendly, sustainable bamboo material as a way of expressing the brand's commitment to achieving a carbon-neutral society.

In addition to the EV concepts, the booth will showcase the "Lexus Electrified VR Experience" consisting of virtual reality driving simulators that will allow visitors to experience how electrification and AI technologies will help cater to individual customer needs and connect with society.

Lexus booth for Japan Mobility Show 2023

Lexus booth for Japan Mobility Show 2023

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