The Tesla Model S and Model X's estimated delivery times (for new orders) in the United States noticeably increased and are now up to a few months.

Let's recall that a few months ago, the manufacturer significantly reduced prices of the Model S and Model X by $13,500-$18,500 (15.3-18.8 percent), depending on the version. Additionally, the entry-level Model X, which starts at an MSRP of $79,990 has become qualified for the $7,500 federal tax credit.

This is probably the main reason why the estimated delivery time for a new Model S (all versions) increased to October-November, while in the case of the Model X (all versions) it is November-December. Previously, in both cases, customers had to wait just several weeks (September-October).

We don't know the other part of the equation (production/supply), but assuming that Tesla produces a comparable number of cars for the US market as it did before, the new prices probably attracted additional buyers.

Tesla already proved earlier this year that prices matter a lot and, through deep price cuts, managed to not only maintain but even increase its sales volume in the US and globally.

Model Base Price Dest. Charge Tax Credit Effective Price
2023 Tesla Model S LR AWD 19-inch $74,990 +$1,640 N/A $76,630
2023 Tesla Model S LR AWD 21-inch $79,490 +$1,640 N/A $81,130
2023 Tesla Model S Plaid 19-inch $89,990 +$1,640 N/A $91,630
2023 Tesla Model S Plaid 21-inch $94,490 +$1,640 N/A $96,130
2023 Tesla Model X LR AWD 20-inch $79,990 +$1,640 $7,500 $74,130
2023 Tesla Model X LR AWD 22-inch $85,490 +$1,640 N/A $87,130
2023 Tesla Model X Plaid 20-inch $89,990 +$1,640 N/A $91,630
2023 Tesla Model X Plaid 22-inch $95,490 +$1,640 N/A $97,130

* Tesla adds a Destination fee (DST) of $1,390 and an Order Fee of $250 to all its models ($1,640 total).

For reference, all versions of the Model 3 and the Model Y ordered today, are expected to be delivered within a few weeks (September-October).

Maybe something will change here, once the Model 3 Highland appears on the market in a few months.

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