Tesla has removed the Standard Range variant for both the Model S and Model X from its website, just two weeks after it introduced the slightly more affordable version. Last month, a Tesla Model S Standard Range had a starting price of $78,490 and offered a driving range of 320 miles, while the Model X Standard Range had an MSRP of $88,490 and an estimated range of 269 miles.

Today, both are gone from the online configurator, but the idea of a cheaper flagship isn’t completely lost because Tesla also significantly lowered the asking prices of the remaining trim levels, making the Standard Range variant redundant.

Now, the dual-motor all-wheel drive Model S starts from $74,990 in the United States, while the base Model X has an MSRP of $79,990.

The tri-motor all-wheel drive Plaid goes from $89,990 for both models, a reduction of $18,500, while the regular variant of the Model S is now $13,500 cheaper. The entry-level Model X is also $18,500 more affordable than before.

Tesla Model S Pricing On September 1, 2023

Tesla Model S Pricing On September 1, 2023

Tesla Model X Pricing On September 1, 2023

Tesla Model X Pricing On September 1, 2023

Tesla Model S prices:

  • Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive: $74,990 (previously $88,490);
  • Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive Plaid: $89,990 (previously $108,490).

Tesla Model X prices:

  • Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive: $79,990 (previously $98,490);
  • Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive Plaid: $89,990 (previously $108,490).

According to the company’s website, a base Model S has an EPA-estimated range of 405 miles, with the Plaid bringing it down to 396 miles. At the same time, the entry-level Model X has an EPA-estimated range of 348 miles, while the Model X Plaid can travel up to 333 miles on a full charge.

When it was introduced last month, the short-lived Standard Range version was said to feature the same battery pack as the Long Range variant but software-locked to offer fewer miles on the road.

The pricing change is just one of the several updates made in a single day by Tesla, the biggest news being the launch of the revamped Model 3, also known as Project Highland The Austin-based EV maker also made all of the color choices for the Model S and Model X cost-free options today, and reduced the price of its so-called Full Self-Driving suite to $12,000, down from $15,000.

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