Tesla made some tweaks to the pricing scheme of its flagship cars, the Model S and Model X, which may end up upsetting some customers who already ordered one of the aforementioned EVs.

As of today, all of the paint options for both the Model S and Model X are free in all of the countries where the EVs are available, including the United States, according to an update to Tesla’s online configurator, which was first spotted by Sawyer Merritt on X (formerly Twitter).

Previously, the only no-cost paint option available was Pearl White Multi-Coat, while the other four colors were paid-for extras: Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, and Deep Blue Metallic had an asking price of $1,500 each, while Ultra Red, which was introduced in March, was a $3,000 option.


The change comes after the cheaper Model 3 and Model Y got a different standard paint color in North America back in July when Midnight Silver Metallic took the place of the ubiquitous Pearl White Multi-Coat as the default paint. However, only the standard color is free for the Model 3 and Model Y, while opting for Pearl White Multi-Coat or Deep Blue Metallic costs an additional $1,000. Furthermore, Solid Black is a $1,500 option, while Red Multi-Coat adds $2,000 to the MSRP.

Last month, Tesla also introduced a more affordable Standard Range variant for both the Model S and Model X, which reportedly uses the same pack as the Long Range version but is software-locked to offer less driving range. In the case of the Model S Standard Range, which has a starting price of $78,490, it can drive up to 320 miles on a full charge with the standard 19-inch Tempest wheels, while a Model X Standard Range, which starts at $88,490, can go up to 269 miles on a full charge on the included 20-inch Cyberstream wheels.

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