If you plan to purchase the Ford Mustang Mach-E between now and the start of October 2023, you might want to consider the deals and incentives the Blue Oval is offering. The Detroit automaker's Red Carpet Lease Offer now includes additional retail discounts in select US cities, as per Ford Authority.

In New York City, the Red Carpet Lease Offer includes a payment of $586 per month for 36 months, $0 due at signing, and a waiver on the security deposit. In Detroit, customers can lease the Mustang Mach-E for $439 per month for 36 months, $439 due at signing, and a waived security deposit.

In Miami, buyers can drive home the electric pony for $409 per month for 36 months, a shade over $5,000 due at signing, and waived security deposit. Miami buyers can also consider a retail offer of 1.9 percent APR (annual percentage rate) financing for 60 months, along with a $3,000 bonus cash.

Potential Mustang Mach-E owners in Los Angeles can benefit from a similar deal as New York City, with $569 per month for 36 months, $0 due at signing, and a waived security deposit. Buyers can also check with LA dealers for a retail offer of 2.9 percent APR financing for 60 months.

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Remember that not every customer would qualify for these offers, which are likely to vary regionally. Moreover, the offers would remain in place till October 2, 2023, and there could be more deals that are not mentioned in this article. If you’re considering leasing the Mustang Mach-E, it’s best to check with your nearby dealer for discounts and incentives.

The model has not clocked blockbuster sales like some of its rivals like the Tesla Model Y. Year-to-date (till July 2023) sales of the electric crossover stood at 17,997 units, down 21 percent during the same period last year. Its production is reportedly ongoing in full swing in Mexico, and availability has improved, while the inventory appears to have swelled up.

The Mach-E Select starts at $42,995, excluding destination charges and taxes. The Premium is priced at $46,995, while the California Route 1 starts at $56,995. The range-topping GT carries a sticker price of nearly $60,000. Ford confirmed in April 2023 that the electric crossover qualifies for a partial federal tax credit of up to $3,750.

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