The Tesla Cybertruck’s exact size remains a mystery, but several sightings indicate that its dimensions are not to be sneezed at. A recent drone film adds perspective on how large the electric truck might be compared to popular gas trucks.

In the film, the Tesla Cybertruck, likely a pre-production version, is seen circling Gigafactory Texas. In one frame, it passes by what appears to be a black Ford F-250 Super Duty, a large truck in its own right, parked in the middle of an intersection.

When the two are parallel, they appear comparably sized. Note that we cannot rule out lens distortion, and one-dimensional visual comparisons are unlikely to be accurate, but nonetheless, the footage provides perspective on the Cybertruck’s size relative to other trucks on the road.

During the Q2 2023 earnings call, Tesla revealed that the Cybertruck would be less than 19 feet long, with a bed longer than six feet. The Ford F-150 Lightning measures 19.3 feet (232.7 inches) long and has a 5.5-foot bed (67 inches). The F-250 Super Duty in the image above is likely a short-wheelbase crew cab version, measuring 20.8 feet in length (250 inches), including its 6.75 feet bed, as per Ford's website.

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The comparison also highlights the Cybertruck’s radical design. It appears outlandish next to the conventionally designed F-250 Super Duty, which has a traditional three-box silhouette. The Tesla on the other hand, with its stainless steel exoskeleton, sharply raked windshield, and beveled rear section appears unique.

The same drone footage also went viral for showcasing the Cybertruck’s rear-wheel-steering at work. The truck appears to easily make a U-turn without requiring a three-point maneuver.

In July 2020, the Elon Musk-led brand shared a picture, via X, of the first Cybertruck release candidate rolling off the production line at Gigafactory Texas. Tesla expects low-volume production to commence later this year, while mass production could begin early in 2024.

Drone footage, spy shots, and leaked images from within the factory have helped enthusiasts track the highly anticipated EV's development and progress. But Tesla is now reportedly cracking down on leaked images, as per an internal email. If employees and contractors are caught leaking any Cybertruck-related information, they could be fired with immediate effect.

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