Tesla has started cracking down on employees leaking images and videos of the Cybertruck as per a new Twitter post. The email appears to have been shared by Tesla internally, whose screenshot was posted by @Teslaphx.

The email warns employees and contractors of immediate “site removal” if they’re caught filming inside the Gigafactory Texas. Tesla is barring them from capturing anything related to the Cybertruck, its parts, or the production line unless they seek prior authorization for official reasons.

The email also reads, “The CT team will issue photo passes/stickers to appropriate personnel in the future to help expedite interactions with security for business-related photography/videography.” Note that the authenticity of the shared email hasn't been verified.

It’s common for companies to have confidentiality agreements with employees to protect their proprietary information from leaking into public domains. Some companies even have cell phone policies, and there’s at least one ruling where the National Labor Relations Board upheld employers’ policies restricting cell phone usage on premises in certain sections, and preventing disclosure of confidential information.


There have been numerous leaks and spy images from the factory, enabling enthusiasts to track its progress over the past few months. However, with automakers now seriously safeguarding the model, fewer leaks might surface online. A recent drone shot showcased a Model Y security vehicle guarding two charging Cybertrucks, possibly to prevent paparazzi from snapping the truck – but it seems hard to keep the drones away.

The Cybertruck’s low-scale production is expected to start later this year, followed by volume production early in 2024. The first delivery and handover event could happen towards the end of Q3 2023, as per CEO Elon Musk. The vehicle reportedly has 1.9 million reservations, and some analysts expect the truck to cause a “halo effect” for the brand.

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