The Tesla Supercharging network has just expanded to 50,000 individual connectors (stalls), installed globally.

The news was shared by the company on September 8, 2023, about 11 years after the first batch of six Supercharging locations was officially launched on September 2012.

Since then, the number of stations increased to well over 5,000, which makes the Tesla Supercharging the largest fast-charging network in the world. Most of the sites are located in North America (over 2,000) and in the Asia-Pacific region (over 2,000), followed by Europe (over 1,000).


According to the data, on average, there are roughly nine Supercharging stalls per site, although the exact number might vary significantly from just two stalls to over 80.

The number of Tesla Superchargers - stalls (globally):

When analyzing the Tesla Supercharging network, we have to remember that it's not one consistent network, but rather three different networks - with physically different plugs, depending on the market - under one nameplate.

In North America and in some other markets, Tesla uses its in-house developed charging connector (named NACS). In China, the Superchargers are compatible with the GB/T standard, while in Europe and in most of the rest of the world, Tesla uses CCS2-compatible plugs.

The two countries with the highest number of Superchargers, according to are:

  • United States: 1,937 stations and 21,481 stalls
  • China: 1,815 stations and 11,076 stalls

In terms of power output, the current standard is 250 kilowatts (V3 version), although with the introduction of the V4, Tesla is expected to increase the power - potentially to 350 kW and beyond, as well as deploy power electronics, supporting high-voltage battery systems (up to 1,000 V).

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