This week, Tesla significantly expanded its Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot program in Australia, which will improve access to reliable fast charging infrastructure for all EV users.

In the case of Australia, the first five Supercharging stations (all in New South Wales) were included in the Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot in February. As of today, we counted roughly 30 locations, which appears to be more than half of all Supercharging sites in the country.

As we can see below, the publicly accessible Superchargers are located along the coastline, because this is where most of the people live and where the main routes are located.

In Australia, the opening of the Supercharging network is fairly easy (just like in Europe), because there is no compatibility issue. Both Tesla cars and Superchargers, as well as non-Tesla EVs, are equipped with CCS2 charging connector.

Non-Tesla EV drivers can simply use the Tesla app to start a charging session at a select Supercharging stall included in the program.

In North America, currently, there is a necessity to use CCS1 built-in adapters (Magic Docks). So far, the company installed Magic Docks at a small number of Supercharging sites in the United States and most recently in Canada.

In the future, we might see more Magic Docks at new Supercharging stations in North America (to ensure access to public funds), but ultimately - starting in 2025 - the company will focus on NACS charging plugs, as the rest of the EV industry is switching from CCS1 to NACS.

Because of that, the main issue to solve will be to install charging dispensers with a longer cable (V4 type) to reach the charging inlets on all EVs.

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