There are few cars on sale today that can overshadow Automobili Pininfarina's Battista electric hyper GT, and the luxury EV maker's new B95 is one of them.

Making its debut at Monterey Car Week, Automobili Pininfarina's B95 is the world's first electric hyper speedster – or barchetta as the company calls it. Set to be made in an ultra limited run of 10 examples, it makes the Battista, of which there are 150 units planned, look like a high-volume car in comparison. The Battista also seems "affordable" compared to the B95, which has an eye-watering price tag of $4.8 million (4.4 million euros).

The "B" in the B95's name stands for barchetta, while "95" is a reference to the upcoming 95th anniversary (in 2025) of Pininfarina SpA, the renowned car design firm that spawned Automobili Pininfarina after it was acquired by India's Mahindra. Why 2025? Because the B95 will start being handcrafted and delivered to customers in 2025.

We didn't bring up the Battista for nothing, as the Automobili Pininfarina B95 is basically a coachbuilt Battista, using the same quad-motor electric powertrain, albeit in a unique tune. The B95 features a 120-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery that powers four electric motors producing a combined 1,400 kilowatts (1,877 horsepower) and 1,741 pound-feet of torque.

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This enables a breathtaking acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds and a top speed exceeding 186 mph. The liquid-cooled battery can be charged using DC fast chargers up to 270 kW, with a 20-80 percent top up taking as little as 25 minutes.

As with the Battista, the B95 features five distinct drive modes leveraging Full Torque Vectoring technology – Calma, Pura, Energica, Furiosa, and Carattere – which are activated via a rotary selector located next to the steering wheel.

Styled According To Automobili Pininfarina's Pura Design Philosophy

As for the looks of the B95, the photos and video are more than suggestive and reveal clear influences from Pininfarina's Pura Vision concept unveiled last month, which has debuted the brand's Pura design philosophy.

The B95 is a dramatic reinterpretation of a classic racer spiced up with futuristic elements. Highlights include the lack of a windshield, the full-width enveloping bodywork which wraps around into the front fenders, the high swage line, the muscular wheel arches, and exposed luxurious two-seat cabin flanked by adjustable aero screens at the front and domes behind each passenger.

Automobili Pininfarina B95

Speaking of the aero screens, Automobili Pininfarina says they are the world's first electronically adjustable aero screens, with their design taking inspiration from vintage fighter planes. Customers can also order bespoke helmets in a finish coordinated to match their chosen B95 specification, allowing them to take full advantage of the B95's hypercar performance safely on road or track. 

"Our PURA design philosophy has purity at its heart, a hallmark of the timeless designs of iconic vehicles from Pininfarina's past. The Barchetta silhouette is instantly recognizable, but it was our job to make it beautiful. The mixture of classic proportions and exquisite detailing have allowed us to create something truly special. We're allowing customers to drive a dream with B95 – something that defines the brand moving forward," said Dave Amantea, Automobili Pininfarina's Chief Design Officer. 

Show Car Demonstrates The B95's Unlimited Personalization Options

As you can imagine, each of the very lucky 10 buyers of the B95 will have unlimited bespoke opportunities to make their Barchettas truly unique, including a laser-engraved aluminum door plate. The vehicle on display at Monterey Car Week alongside the Battista Edizione Nino Farina and Pura Vision concept proves that, sporting a highly customized exterior and interior design.

The B95 show car has the body painted in metallic Bronzo Superga combined with a Giallo Arneis gloss section at the front and atop the driver's dome. Carbon fiber is used for the front splitter, side panels under the doors and rear aero outlet, while the staggered forged aluminum wheels – 20 inches front, 21 inches rear – feature a Matt Black finish and contrasting outers. The brake callipers are Giallo Arneis, matching the exterior accents. 

Automobili Pininfarina B95

The interior features a concept car-inspired dashboard that appears to merge with the exterior, extending the lines of the hood into the cabin. The dashboard is upholstered in Tan Sustainable Luxury Leather with bespoke embossing, which contrasts with the brushed black aluminum anodized finishes elsewhere. 

The seats feature the same leather as the dash and are inspired by those of a classic race car, designed to curve around the occupant. Their two-part design is inspired by the seats found in Pura Vision, with unique aluminum inserts. The headrests are finished in a Pied de Poule Houndstooth Luxury Textile while black and tan contrast stitching if featured across the seats, door interiors and dash.

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