Last month the Pininfarina Battista set a new quarter-mile record for a production car, marginally eclipsing the time set by the chassis-sharing Rimac Nevera. The Battista achieved the record at the NATRAX high-speed facility in Madhya Pradesh, India. 

Driven by an AutoCar India journalist, the Battista clocked an 8.55 second quarter-mile time. As mentioned above, the Rimac Nevera held the previous record (8.8 seconds). The Battista broke numerous other records that day, including the fastest 0-300 km/h (186 mph) acceleration (10.49 seconds). It also set a new production speed record for India, reaching 222.46 mph.

And while we previously reported on the Battista's achievements, AutoCar India has now released an accompanying video showcasing the Battista in action at the NATRAX track. The video details journalist Hormazd Sorabjee breaking the quarter-mile, acceleration and Indian land speed record before Hormazd Sorabjee hops in and become India's fastest women.

Although Automobili Pininfarina is an Italian brand, it's actually Indian-owned. Hence why the NATRAX facility was chosen as a proving ground. Mahindra Group purchased Pininfarina SpA in 2015 and started planning an EV hypercar soon after. It was decided Rimac would be a suitable supplier for parts, with the Battista using the same 120 kWh battery pack as the Nevera. It could be argued the Battista is effectively a restyled Nevera given it also shares a chassis and plenty of technology with Rimac's second hypercar. Therefore it's no surprise that both cars are almost identical in terms of performance, although the Nevera's 256 mph top speed betters the Battista's 225.5 mph.

First Battista customer deliveries in the US took place back in October. The Battista has a $2.2 million starting price, although it's possible to add several hundred thousand dollars worth of options on top of that.

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