EVgo and General Motors celebrate the opening of the 1,000th DC fast charging stall, as part of their collaboration to expand fast charging infrastructure in the United States.

The partnership was first announced in 2020. At the time, the plan was to deploy 2,700 individual stalls in 40 metropolitan areas by the end of 2025. The first chargers were installed in 2021, and in the same year, the two partners boosted the plan to 3,250 individual charging stalls and 52 metropolitan areas.

As of early August, a thousand charging stalls were deployed (almost 31 percent of the plan) across nearly 230 locations in 39 markets covering 27 states.

According to the press release, the majority of DC fast chargers have a peak power output of 350 kilowatts (kW).

"EVgo and GM are working together to broaden access to public charging where EV drivers already spend time, such as grocery stores, retail centers and city centers, while also serving the need for customers who are unable to charge at home or work, such as renters and those living in multifamily dwellings."

The jubilee charger was installed in Woodridge, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, at the recently completed charging station at the Woodgrove Festival Shopping Mall. EVgo says that it's a prime retail location within a short drive of Interstates 55 and 355.

EVgo and General Motors Open 1,000th DC Fast Charging Stall as Part of Metropolitan Charging Collaboration

It's worth noting that there are Delta Electronics chargers - potentially, those out of 1,000 units ordered in 2022. Each charger is equipped with two outputs (A and B) to serve two individual stalls and charge up to two electric vehicles simultaneously.

It's great to see that a major initiative to expand charging infrastructure is progressing and appear to be on track to be completed within the planned timeframe.

GM and EVgo are also partnering on other topics related to charging, as EVgo is one of GM's preferred EV charge point operators within its holistic Ultium Charge 360 initiative:

"Beyond collaborating to expand public charging access, EVgo and GM are also working together to further improve reliability and enhance customer experience through a comprehensive action-oriented plan, including enhanced health checks across the network and customer education through GM’s dealer network to help new EV buyers navigate public charging for the first time. The companies also helped to launch Plug and Charge in 2022, a feature that allows drivers to start a session simply by plugging in, no additional payment authentication needed."

Another example is that Cadillac Lyriq's buyers get two years of unlimited complimentary charging on the EVgo network.

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