With Tesla on the final straight to launch the all-electric Cybertruck pickup, we now see more and more test vehicles.

Most recently, Joe Tegtmeyer - who for years records drone videos over the Giga Texas plant, shared a few photos and a video of a Tesla Cybertruck at the on-site Supercharging station.

This time it's a non-camouflaged vehicle, which most likely is recharging before some test drives.

"4 August 2023 Giga Texas! Super busy day with lots of activity all over, but I know what you really want ... More Cybertruck! Check out these images and of course, my video later today! Happy Friday! #Cybertruck"


We already know that the Tesla Cybertruck's charging inlet (North American Charging Standard - NACS) is located in the left-rear fender, which means that it requires parking in reverse (at most of the stalls), just like other Tesla cars.

Our attention was caught by the size of the vehicle compared to the size of a single charging stall - the Tesla Cybertruck fits the space, but it's a considerably larger vehicle than the other Tesla cars and it seems that there is not much space left, especially lengthwise.

If a Supercharging station is crowded, then users will have to pay attention when opening the doors too.

Tesla Cybertruck Supercharging (source: Joe Tegtmeyer)

Tesla Cybertruck Supercharging (source: Joe Tegtmeyer)

Tesla Cybertruck Supercharging (source: Joe Tegtmeyer)

Tesla Cybertruck Supercharging (source: Joe Tegtmeyer)

We are very curious about fast charging details, but those are currently not available. We guess that the Tesla Cybertruck will be able to utilize the full power of V3 Superchargers (250 kilowatts) for a much longer time than other Tesla cars, simply because the pack is expected to be much bigger (and newer, with potentially much-improved cooling performance).

However, if one Tesla Cybertruck will be able to charge at high power, then the question is whether charging two or more Cybertrucks side-by-side from A/B stalls (which share the same power electronics) will affect the charging session too much. This is another thing to research once the Cybertruck is launched later this year.

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