Chances are you owned a kick scooter at some point in your childhood. Serving largely as the basis of the electric scooters we see zipping around the cities today, the innocent little kick scooter was responsible for a lot of laughs, thrills, and maybe some lost teeth and broken bones. Just like the scooter riding kids of the nineties and early 2000s, Razor, a popular scooter brand, has also grown up. 

Nowadays, Razor is still alive and kicking, and even has its own range of electric scooters and bicycles. We previously talked about the Ecosmart electric scooter for grownups, but this time around, Razor joins in on the retro-style e-bike craze with the Rambler 20. This moped-style electric bike looks very much like something out of Super73's stable, with its bench seat, tubular frame, and moto-inspired design. 

Razor's New Rambler 20 Is A Scrambler-Inspired E-Bike For Grown-Ups

Razor does, however, one-up the competition with one key feature: price. You see, even basic electric bicycles packing entry-level tech can set you back a couple thousand dollars. Razor, however, is adamant on offering the Rambler 20 at an affordable price tag. How affordable? Well, how does $999 USD sound?

That's right, for a dollar less than a grand, the Rambler 20 delivers some pretty impressive performance. It's packing a 500-watt hub motor that's capable of hitting speeds of up to 20 miles an hour. The 37-volt battery pack, meanwhile, is said to offer 16.5 miles per charge – not that much, but plenty of distance for a good time both on and off road. The controller offers five levels of pedal assistance, as well as a throttle-only mode that lets you treat the Rambler like a little electric scrambler. 

Naturally, at a price point like this, we can't really expect the Razor to be packing cutting-edge technology. As such, an LED display that shows battery life, speed, and assist mode is all it has to show for. Razor has already launched the Rambler 20 on its online retail platform (see link below), as well as through Best Buy stores. However, it's eyeing a wider release in the near future.

Razor's New Rambler 20 Is A Scrambler-Inspired E-Bike For Grown-Ups
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