90s kids like myself will most certainly be familiar with Razor, the chrome kick scooter that gave us tons of thrilling moments, and not to mention, scraped knees and elbows, as we were growing up. Well, as it would turn out, just like its user base, the Razor brand as a whole is growing up, too, and is now catering to the ever-changing needs of today’s on-the-go generation.

You see, Razor’s been hard at work in developing new e-mobility solutions, and its newest offering is certainly on the utility side of things. It’s called the EcoSmart Cargo, and it’s a sit-down electric scooter capable of carrying a rider, passenger, and cargo. For the rear rider's comfort and protection from mud and debris being thrown up from the back tire, there is even a protective rear wheel skirt and fold-down foot pegs. What the Razor EcoSmart Cargo does miss out on, however, is any form of suspension, which means that this electric two-seater scooter is meant to be used exclusively on the road.

Razor Introduces The EcoSmart Cargo Electric Scooter For Grown-Ups

The EcoSmart Cargo's 1,000W motor is centrally mounted, as opposed to the majority of electric scooters, which use hub motors. However, Razor has traditionally favored chain-driven mid-motors, and this trend doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. In the case of the EcoSmart, the electric motor has a claimed top speed of 20 miles per hour. Meanwhile, Razor claims that the scooter's battery pack can deliver a range of 16.6 miles on a single charge. It's hardly much, but given the two-wheeler's focus on commuting, this amount of range at least seems reasonable.

Razor Introduces The EcoSmart Cargo Electric Scooter For Grown-Ups

The Razor EcoSmart Cargo has 16-inch wheels with thick tires, which can somewhat compensate for the absence of suspension in the scooter. Additionally, an on-board display for speed and battery life serves as a controller so you can choose between five different modes for throttle control. An LED headlight and rear brake/tail light provide the best visibility possible for nighttime riding. Not to mention, the EcoSmart Cargo has a single rear mechanical disc brake for fast braking and fenders for rainy riding.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the price. For just $1,099 USD, you could get yourself a simple, no-frills, yet extremely capable and practical electric scooter from a brand that’s been in the business of mobility for decades. Indeed, Razor’s EcoSmart Cargo prices itself very competitively—even well below some of the market's other entry-level offerings.

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