California-based e-bike company Super73 has been shaking up the electric bicycle market since 2016 with its unique and unconventional two-wheelers. Unlike the standard electric bicycle, Super73's offerings borrowed heavily from the styling of motorbikes, and enthralled enthusiasts with their throwback styling. 

Now more than ever, electric bikes are gaining popularity among folks of all ages and backgrounds, so what better way to capitalize on this than by launching a range of new and exciting models? Well, for 2023, this is exactly what Super73 has done with the launch of the new Adventure Series e-bikes, as well as a rugged kid-focused electric bike for folks looking to get their youngsters on two wheels. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The Super73 Adventure Series comprises three models – the Z, an entry-level commuter, S, a versatile, cruiser-style all-rounder, and the R, the flagship model that boasts the highest power output and performance-oriented technology. Every electric bike in the collection includes front suspension, but certain models have fully adjustable front and rear suspension. In addition, the S and R models have relocated their battery to the down tube, which will enhance handling by lowering the center of gravity.

If you're interested in purchasing one of Super73's Adventure electric bikes, the Z Adventure model begins at $2,695, the S Adventure model starts at $3,595, and the top-tier R Adventure model starts at $3,995. Pre-orders are currently being accepted, and delivery times vary depending on the color option selected, with an estimated waiting period of six to 10 weeks.

Super73 Drops New Adventure And Kid-Focused E-Bikes

In the meantime, Super73 has also launched their latest electric bike for children, appropriately named the Super73 K1D. It is a balance bike equipped with regenerative braking and a throttle designed for kids between the ages of four and eight. The bike's compact and interchangeable 92.8Wh lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack provides up to 60 minutes of riding time after a 45-minute charging period.

Speaking of battery tech, LFP batteries are widely regarded as safer and longer-lasting than the usual lithium-ion battery packs found in most other electric bikes. Having said that, Super73 is considering wider adoption of LFP batteries, as the K1D is the first electric bike from the brand to utilize this technology.

Super73 Drops New Adventure And Kid-Focused E-Bikes

Apart from the battery, the Super73 K1D also allows parents to select from three different speed modes, based on their child's riding ability. The slowest mode restricts performance to seven miles per hour, while the second mode permits a slightly faster speed of 13 miles per hour. The third mode is intended for advanced young riders and can achieve a speed of 16 miles per hour. The Super73 K1D is available for pre-order at $1,295, with delivery scheduled for early June.

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