While Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have been promising for some time now that the Cybertruck is finally officially coming to market this year, there are still many missing details. In fact, until this week's Tesla Earnings event and release, the Cybertruck production line hadn't been revealed.

Tesla talked about the Cybertruck briefly at the event, still remaining tight-lipped about most details. However, the company did supply a few images of the Cybertruck's pilot production line from inside Giga Texas.

The Cybertruck was first unveiled back in 2019 and has been generating plenty of buzz ever since. Its market entry has been delayed at least a few times, and in the meantime, three other fully electric pickup trucks have come to market on our shores. However, it seems many people are still planning on eventually taking ownership of a Cybertruck, and Tesla says orders are still coming in.

Tesla has been testing and tweaking the Cybertruck of late, and we've seen many different versions of it, mostly via "spy shots" posted on social media. However, the US EV maker has had several recent events during which many folks expected news and details about the Cybertruck, and that's not been the case.

It seems Tesla decided to use the Cybertruck as one of many positive points to share this week as it reported its earnings and margins, which were impressive, but down thanks to numerous price cuts. 

At any rate, Tesla is currently producing Cybertruck prototypes on a pilot line at Giga Texas. Chances are, the various units seen out testing in the wild were built relatively recently at the new factory. In addition to the image at the top of the page, Tesla shared the following images related to Cybertruck production at Giga Texas.

Tesla Giga Texas: Cybertruck pilot lane (Tesla Q1 2023 report)
Tesla Giga Texas: Tooling for Cybertruck production line (Tesla Q1 2023 report)

The company also reiterated that equipment installation for the Cybertruck continued through the first quarter and is on track at the factory. Elon Musk claimed earlier this year that the goal is to start official Cybertruck production this summer, 2023. However, he noted that it would be a very slow start. The CEO said:

“We do expect production to start sometime this summer, but I always kind of downplay the start of production because the start of production is always very slow.”

Interestingly, there was no mention of this summer during this week's talks. Rather, Tesla said the Cybertruck is coming later this year. Musk hopes to hold a launch party and delivery event toward the end of Q3 2023, so we'll have to wait and see if there are additional delays, as well as how many electric trucks Tesla intends to deliver at the event.

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