A new study put together by Recurrent Auto suggests that most people who placed an order for the Tesla Cybertruck intend to follow through with the purchase. Considering it has been years since the truck debuted, rivals have come to market, pricing is unknown, and many people placed multiple orders, the results are quite promising.

When Tesla first unveiled the Cybertruck, it arrived to mixed reviews, and it actually seemed like there were more people unhappy with it or surprised by it than there were immediate fans. Nonetheless, many people raced to place an order, some even admitting they weren't fans, but they were putting down the small deposit anyhow.

Later, we learned that some folks placed a whole host of orders for the Cybertruck. Since the reservation fee was so cheap, they just went on the website and dropped a reservation for several. Obviously, the fear would be that many people probably won't follow through with these early orders.

Recurrent had already surveyed customers about their intent to follow through with EV reservations in general, though it recently conducted a follow-up survey. The survey suggested that the intent to buy is very high for Tesla vehicles, including the Cybertruck. In fact, according to the survey, in comparison to other recent vehicles that people have placed reservations for, the potential follow-through for Tesla models and the Cybertruck is much higher.

A few other vehicles were also identified by Recurrent to have a high intent to buy. According to Teslarati, these include the Aptera, Ford F-150 Lightning, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Rivian R1S, and Rivian R1T. Meanwhile, the survey showed that the Chevrolet Silverado EV has the lowest intent to buy, with just 20% of surveyed reservation holders aiming to follow through with the purchase.

The survey results suggest that some 75% of Cybertruck reservation holders aim to move forward with their purchase. The results were almost the same as the last time Recurrent posed the same question. 

The survey also revealed that of all EV reservation holders, those that have reserved electric pickup trucks tend to have reservations for trucks from multiple brands. For example, they may have ordered a Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, and Ford F-150 Lightning. One might assume that if this was the case, some of these folks may already have an electric truck and no need for the Tesla, but that's yet to be seen.

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