Out of all the automotive companies taking that have entered the e-bike space, Porsche seems to be one of those that have been taking things incredibly seriously. Apart from its recent acquisition of Fazua, maker of lightweight and compact e-bike drive systems, Porsche also has its own in-house e-bike arm called Porsche eBike Performance. 

Now, in an interesting turn of events, Porsche has purchased the entirety of Greyp, a Croatian electric bicycle company, adding it to its already impressive arsenal of e-bike-focused initiatives. Now, this news is interesting indeed, but not exactly surprising. In November, 2021, Porsche acquired a majority share in Greyp. As such, the notion of Porsche acquiring the entire company seemed more like an eventuality. Well, now that Greyp is well and truly under the Porsche group of companies, what can we expect? At this point, we're not quite sure, actually. However, a recent article by Electrek sheds light on certain possibilities. 

New Porsche Sport E-Bike Is A Sleek Full-Suspension All-Rounder

As things stand, Porsche's in-house electric bikes under the Porsche eBike Performance brand are already impressive, premium machines laden with tech. We've talked about some them before, such as the Sport, a sleek, full-suspension, carbon-fiber two-wheeler. Now, what Greyp specializes in is high-tech connected electric bikes. In fact, the brand claims that their machines are the "world's first fully connected e-bikes." Quite a hefty claim given all the technology currently stirring the pot in the e-bike segment. 

Now that Porsche eBike Performance, Greyp, and Fazua all live under the same roof, the idea of a performance-oriented model integrating technology from all three firms is certainly something we can look forward to. Interestingly, Greyp is a daughter company of fellow Croatian electric super car manufacturer Rimac—a company Porsche has also been investing rather heavily in. 

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