Porsche is working on a full-sized luxury SUV with room for up to seven. The electric SUV is in development under the codename K1 and will sit above the Macan and Cayenne. It will reportedly cost in the region of $200,000 when it goes on sale in 2027. 

According to British outlet AutoCar, the K1 will use Porsche's Premium Platform Electric chassis and will feature a 920V electric system. A range of 435 miles is expected. And despite its large frame and 7-seat layout, Porsche promises the K1 will be “a very sporting interpretation of an SUV”. That, coupled with its rumored price point, means it will probably be more of a Lamborghini Urus and Ferrari Purosangue rival as opposed to a Mercedes EQS SUV and BMW iX alternative.

The AWD K1 will be Porsche's flagship SUV model and will feature the latest developments in battery performance tech allowing for rapid charging speeds and minimal degradation. As for the battery size itself, expect it to be well over 100 kWh in size. Model X-plaid levels of performance (1000+ hp and a 2.5 second 0-60 mph time) are also probable.

And while the K1 won't arrive for another 4 years, Porsche has plenty of other EVs launching in the meantime. A facelifted version of the Taycan will be revealed later this year, meanwhile the long-awaited Macan EV will go on sale in 2024. An electric Boxster/Cayman is also due by around 2025, as is an electric version of the Panamera. Porsche's mid-sized SUV, the Cayenne, is also expected to make the switch to electric by the middle of the decade although details remain scarce for now.

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