The owner of a brand-new Rivian R1T has found himself in the middle of a dispute with the homeowners association (HOA) because of his electric pickup truck.

Glenn Gordon, a resident of the Weston Hills Country Club condominium in Weston, Florida, had taken delivery of his Rivian R1T for only about two weeks when the HOA notified him that he could not park the truck in the driveway overnight or all day long.

The strange request was based on Weston Hills Country Club's strict rules dating from the 1980s with regard to trucks, trailers, RVs and commercial vehicles. According to the rules, the Rivian R1T is a commercial pickup, which is why the HOA wants it in a garage, out of sight, or else the owner has to face fines.

The reason for that is that commercial vehicles parked on driveways affect the aesthetics of the neighborhood, according to the rules. Now, it's certainly strange to assimilate a $100,000 electric vehicle to a work truck, but that's what the homeowners association's rules say.

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As you can imagine, Gordon does not plan to comply with the HOA's request, claiming the rules are outdated and ridiculous. Speaking to WPLG Local 10 News, he said the Rivian R1T, which he ordered about a year ago, actually has become a neighborhood attraction and not a nuisance. 

"Some are taking pictures of it. They say, 'beautiful vehicle, can I see it?' That's the only comments I have got," Gordon said. He added that he can't park the Rivian in his garage because he doesn't have room for it.

The R1T owner, who has lived in Weston Hills Country Club for 27 years, called property management to discuss the issue, but to no avail. "He said we will wind up getting fines and penalties, and until we remove it, they can even lien our house. We could even lose our house over this," Gordon said.

Asked by the reporter if the rule ever crossed his mind when he ordered the Rivian truck, he replied that he never thought there would be a rule like that. The homeowner believes rules need to change with the times, as pickup trucks have become popular vehicles for personal use since the 1980s when the HOA's rules were written. He intends to take legal action against the association.

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