Our friend Ben Sullins has been reporting about electric cars for years now, and he's owned multiple Teslas. He's also reviewed a whole host of EVs, including very recent coverage of the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck and the Rivian R1S electric three-row SUV. However, we're most interested in how Ben and his wife Jennie feel about being new Rivian R1T owners.

While it's been sort of hard to keep track, it seems the Sullins have bought a few new EVs over the last several years, aside from the Rivian R1T. They often have a new electric car or SUV that they review and consider, but don't end up buying. They did take delivery of a new Tesla Model Y about two years ago, and also considered a Tesla Model X and a Kia EV6, among some other choices.

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The Sullins family also spent a weekend with the Rivian R1T to determine if it was "overkill" for the family (they have small children). Any new vehicle is an expensive and potentially long-term investment, and we're talking about a very pricey electric pickup truck in its first production run from a startup automaker. Ben and Jennie were wise to do their homework before dropping their hard-earned money on the off-road-ready Adventure vehicle.

The R1T could certainly be seen as overkill by many families, especially if they don't need its hardcore capability and all the bells and whistles. However, it also serves as a luxurious, comfortable, and spacious family hauler that's feature-filled, durable, and highly versatile.

Ben and Jennie both gave their opinions about the R1T after their family road trip, as well as in some other videos that were focused on the electric truck, but now they've actually owned it for many months and driven it 10,000 miles.

Over the course of that time, Ben and Jennie have certainly enjoyed the EV, but they've also had some issues. Living with a vehicle for a time is really the only true way to assess its worth, and the Sullins admit to having learned some valuable lessons worth sharing.

If you're considering a Rivian R1T, another electric truck, or really any electric car, truck, or SUV, the video above is certainly worth your time. Ben and Jennie tend to keep their videos relatively short (about 20 minutes) while filling us in with loads of firsthand details. With that said, we'll leave you to check it out. Once you're done, we encourage you to leave us a comment below.

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