The Rivian R1T is an incredibly compelling package on paper. Excellent range, a superb towing capacity, and supercar-beating performance figures are just some of the reasons why there has been so much hype around the electric truck. Furthermore, the R1T offers immense practicality with an abundance of storage space and a 54.1-inch bed.

However, what's it like to live with in reality? YouTuber and Tesla Model Y owner Ryan Shaw recently took delivery of an R1T and subsequently uploaded a video giving an overview of his first month with the vehicle.

Shaw first outlined his spec: Adventure Pack, Quad-Motor, Forest Green Paint, and 21" All-Terrain Alloys. His build came out to $91,250. Soon after delivery Rivian issued a recall due to a minor fastener problem and Shaw stated that technicians came to his house to fix the issue, taking less than 5 minutes to do so. Shaw praised the R1T's unique design and lightbar. He is also a big fan of the R1T's practical storage spaces like its gear tunnel and frunk. 

You cannot change driver profiles when driving and Shaw has experienced issues unlocking the vehicle through the Rivian app. Inside, the seats are supportive and comfortable and the interior is high quality. The sound system is decent but not quite on par with the setups in the Tesla Model S/X. Other interior benefits include the large center console storage unit and torch/portable speaker, however Shaw feels the cup holders could be larger. The rear seats fit 3 adults and are heated, plus there is a screen for climate control.

The driving dynamics are great meanwhile acceleration is insane, with 0-60 mph taking just 3 seconds. The different drive modes also have a significant effect on how the vehicle drives. The cameras work well meanwhile the infotainment system is intuitive and responsive following a recent software update. One negative is the lack of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Moreover, Rivian's map setup frequently makes routing errors and is nowhere near as good as traditional setups like Google Maps. The R1T's self-driving is good but not quite on the level of Tesla, with hands-off driving only available on certain pre-mapped roads.

In conclusion, Shaw has been very impressed with his R1T so far. Although he has encountered a few minor issues, overall he is happy with his electric truck and praised Rivian for doing so well with its first vehicle.

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