In one corner (there aren't really any corners here), we have the Rivian R1S (not to be confused with the R1T) SUV, which just recently came to market. Lined up next to the Rivian is the unique and ridiculous GMC Hummer EV. While neither vehicle looks like a good candidate for the drag strip, there's much more (or less) beneath the sheet metal than meets the eye.

The Rivian R1S is a three-row electric SUV that's not necessarily a full-size, but larger and more accommodating than some midsize SUVs. People may not be as familiar with the R1S as the R1T, which is Rivian's electric pickup truck. The truck came to market first, trucks are hugely popular on our shores, and the SUV is essentially just seen by some as the same as the truck minus the bed.

In a similar move, GMC launched its pricey electric pickup truck some time ago, but the SUV version isn't going to arrive until later. For this reason, we've seen the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV electric trucks compared and raced on a number of occasions. It would be nice to see the R1S take on the Hummer EV SUV, though, in the meantime, the video above is a good substitute.

Our friends over at The Fast Lane Truck seem never to run short of solid video ideas. That said, we bet they didn't know this matchup was going to end with such a photo finish. 

They pit the Hummer EV pickup truck against the Rivian R1S three-row electric SUV in a few quarter-mile runs at the drag strip. They also conduct some other tests, including a zero-to-60-mph run and a 60mph-to-zero braking test. Before we spoil the fun for you, it's time to place your bets. Which pricey electric hauler is going to win the quarter-mile contest by a hair?

After running multiple quarter-mile passes, the guys learn that the R1S and Hummer EV actually have nearly identical times, though the identical times don't happen on the same runs. The crazy powerful Hummer EV is able to out-accelerate the Rivian up to about 100 mph, after which the R1S then catches up, but only on one of the two runs.

Are you a fan of trucks or SUVs? Regardless, if you had to pick between a GMC and a Rivian electric vehicle, which company would you choose, and why? Head down to our popular comment section and start a conversation.

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