The Genesis X Convertible is the final design in the Korean automaker’s X series of two-door concepts, after the initial X Concept coupe and the X Speedium Coupe two-door shooting brake. The latest design study is, as its name suggests, a drop-top version of the same vehicle, which is very fitting given that it is inspired by California and even more so since it was also where it was unveiled.

Genesis didn’t change much about the vehicle, other than removing its roof. It still has the same classic grand tourer proportions, with the long hood and passenger compartment set quite far back. This isn’t needed, of course, because the X Convertible concept is an electric vehicle, yet this type of look conveys luxury and presence.

Gallery: Genesis X Convertible Concept

Viewed from above, Genesis says the vehicle has a ‘Coke bottle’ appearance, with its wheels pushed outward and the body stretched around them like you might see on the sporty version of some German coupes and sports sedans. Genesis also kept its now trademark lighting signature, with LED strips running all the way back along the fenders to the door seams and then are continued by the taillights.

The interior is carried over from the other concepts, so it has the same restrained, almost retro look to its wrap-around dashboard. The connection to traditional grand tourers is emphasized by what appears to be a rev counter in the middle of the driver’s display - it’s actually more of a power gauge, but it’s been designed to look like something you might expect to see in a Corvette gauge cluster.

Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke explains that

It is the normal development of Genesis to increase the athletic and emotional facet of our design philosophy by creating an emotional trilogy: the X family.

Innovation is the catalyst to becoming more engaged with the environment around us. We are in the process of transitioning Genesis into a company that will deliver products for customers to enjoy.

The Genesis X Convertible also looks good with its roof up. It’s a folding hardtop made up of glass panels, including above the passenger compartment. There’s also a bit of a speedster vibe about the concept with the fairly short windscreen and visible kink where its roof meets the A-pillar.

It’s also the sportiest looking out of the three concepts, undeniably helped by its unique wheels, which unlike on the previous two versions don’t look like they are from a GT car. They actually wouldn’t look out of place on a high-performance coupe from Mercedes or BMW.

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