The Goodwood Festival of Speed returned in 2021 after a one year hiatus caused by the pandemic and in 2022 it is set to open its doors to visitors later this month. This year, the festival is celebrating 50 years of BMW Motorsport, but it’s also playing host to a series of high profile electric vehicle premieres, like the elegant Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept, which will make its European debut at the venue.

The Speedium X Coupe, which itself is an evolution of the Genesis X Concept vehicle, is not a preview for an upcoming model, but merely a design exercise to give hints where the brand’s design direction will go next. It is named after a race track in South Korea and Genesis says it is

Inspired by the passion for motorsports felt by Genesis designers and their belief that the emotional value of driving will remain strong in the era of electrification. This dynamic concept will give show-goers an exclusive glimpse into the future of Genesis electric vehicles.

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With a long, low body sitting on quite an extended wheelbase, the Speedium X Coupe looks more like an electric grand tourer, rather than a vehicle designed with corner carving in mind. It’s also a 2+2, a coupe with two additional seats, and judging by the shape of the roof, this vehicle has clearly been designed to give rear occupants some headroom.

The lighting signature also deserves a mention, with the twin parallel LED strips that run from both fascias onto the sides of the vehicle. For the front lights, Genesis engineers pulled the light strips all the way to the door, and this has a very striking effect when viewing the vehicle from a front three-quarter perspective; this parallel line motif is also replicated in the C-pillar area.

Alongside the study, Genesis will also bring the Electrified GV70, which is its confusingly named fully-electric version of its new GV70 SUV. It is the company’s third electric vehicle, and just like the Speedium, it too will be shown in Europe officially for the first time at Goodwood.

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