Tesla continues to have huge demand for its vehicles and a growing list of reservation holders despite continuously raising its prices and facing competition from more affordable EVs. Sometimes the automaker has inventory models available, which could mean getting that new EV now rather than months or even a year or more from now.

When Tesla first provided more details about its new Model Y produced in Texas with a structural pack and 4680 cells, it mentioned accelerated delivery. However, it seemed only Model Y reservation holders who lived near the factory in Austin were eligible to take advantage of the deal.

Similarly, Tesla uses the early part of each new quarter to deliver new cars to faraway locations. As the quarter moves on, the automaker begins delivering vehicles close to the factories that produce them. During Tesla's final end-of-quarter push, it focuses almost exclusively on local deliveries, which are quicker and don't require the logistics involved in delivering additional vehicles to delivery centers that are a long distance from the factories.

With all of this said, it appears the automaker is employing similar practices when it comes to the sale of its inventory models. Some Tesla reservation holders are keeping tabs on Tesla's official site to find an inventory model, and even if it's in a faraway state, they hope they may be able to buy it. However, they'd either have to pay a delivery fee or go on a road trip.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, Tesla seems to have a new policy that works to limit the purchase of inventory vehicles from faraway locations. When you enter your zip code, you get a message that details which states the car can be delivered to and registered in. Oftentimes, the inventory model is only available within the state or to customers in neighboring states. 

Tesla hasn't provided any official details about the new practice, and there's no way to be sure why it's carrying out inventory sales in this manner. However, Drive Tesla Canada notes that it may be an attempt to limit "flipping." It also may make the race for Tesla inventory models a bit more "fair" since people from all over the country can't compete for the same inventory model in some distant state.

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