As more and more people are taking interest in Tesla's vehicles, there are a lot of really good questions. We always say, there's no such thing as a bad question. People deserve to be informed if they have questions or there are things they don't understand. And when it comes to Tesla, it seems there's often lots of questions and confusion.

Just yesterday, we published an article with a video by Carter Jones. It discussed the pros and cons of buying versus leasing a Tesla Model Y, or really any Tesla vehicle for that matter. Today, we're taking a look at building a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y versus choosing one from inventory.

Just in case you're not clear here, we're not talking about building your own car at home, though some people might try. It has become the thing to do related to the Tesla Cybertruck. However, here we're talking about going to Tesla's website and doing a custom configuration of your own car.

When you buy any car, you typically have the option to configure it or choose from inventory. However, with mainstream vehicles, and especially leases, it's quite common for people to simply head to the dealership, go over the current deals with the salesperson, and even come home with a car that day.

If the dealer doesn't have the color or trim you're looking for, they may be able to get it, or at least something comparable, from another dealer. If they can't get you what you want, they may offer a deal on an inventory model they have on the lot.

When it comes to luxury cars, sports cars, and pickup trucks, it's more common for people to go through the configuration process and get precisely what they want. This is also true of Tesla's vehicle. Sure, you'll have to wait much longer, but when you're spending a big chunk of change on a car, and it's a purchase that's special to you, you may want to do it your own way.

With all of that said, choosing an inventory car is a solid idea for many reasons, too. You'll get your car right away and you may get some sort of deal.

YouTube channel nukem384 dives in to discuss in the brief video above. Give it a watch and then dive into our comment sections to give this topic the discussion it deserves.

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