Reports have surfaced on social media that Tesla has sent out emails to Model Y reservation holders who live near the automaker's new factory in Austin, Texas. It seems Tesla is offering to deliver a new Model Y to these customers in a big hurry, but they'll have to change their original order and/or choose an inventory model.

The Tesla email states that current Model Y reservation holders can change their orders to the brand-new Model Y Standard Range with all-wheel drive, which features Tesla's in-house 4680 battery cells and the new structural battery pack. The first email we saw shared on social media came from the following Twitter post by Ganesh (@mmsganesh).


As you can see, and we can only assume that the emails being shared are authentic, the message is titled, "Accelerate Your Tesla Model Y Delivery." It notes that the new Model Y AWD has a range of 279 miles and a zero-to-60-mph time of as little as 5 seconds. It also makes it clear that the new configuration is only currently available to customers who reside near Giga Texas.

As a reply to the above tweet, Ganesh shared a second tweet with details provided by Tesla related to Model Y inventory options:


The tweet reply above applies to "Accelerated Delivery," and lists some new 4680 Model Y crossovers that are available in Tesla's inventory. Tesla writes, "Take delivery by selecting one of these low mileage cars."

It shows that the "base" Model Y AWD with the 19-inch Gemini Wheels costs $60,990. Interestingly, one of the vehicles listed in the tweet above has an EPA-estimated 269 miles of range instead of the 279 miles shown in the email and listed with the other inventory cars.

Some people have pointed out that they may not choose the new Model Y due to its price and range. Currently, the cheapest option on Tesla's website is the Model Y Long Range AWD, which starts at $62,990 and has 330 miles of EPA-estimated range. Reservation holders could potentially save $2,000 and get their order filled more quickly, though they'd get an EV with about 50 fewer miles of estimated range.

That said, if people can get their Model Y much more quickly, perhaps they'll take advantage of the opportunity. What do you think? If this opportunity was presented to you, what would you decide?

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