Home detailing your car will certainly not yield pro-level results, but it certainly got this 100,000-mile Tesla Model 3 Performance looking pretty good. Even the white interior, which is known to pick up the dye from clothing and which can look quite unpleasant if never cleaned, looked good on this well used EV.

The car belongs to Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Reviews and, if you know his channel and some of the things he has done with this Model 3, then you’ll know it has not lived an easy life. It has been looked after, but 100,000 miles do show some signs of wear - the paint is mostly good, although there are some minor scratches and dings and the front bumper is in really good condition thanks to its paint protection film.

Spider web cracks in the glass roof and windscreen (which is also heavily pitted from all those miles) mean they would both need to be replaced, and apparently the charging port flap was hit while open and now it won’t close properly, so it probably needs to be replaced too.

Kyle used this car extensively for roadtrips, most of which were with dogs and signs of that are definitely present inside the car. In fact, it’s the scratched black leather on the doors, dashboard and center console that bring the interior down the most, while the white leather on the seats appears to have held up really well, as has the leather on the steering wheel.

Overall, the vehicle actually looks really good given how it was used and this actually lends more credibility to the Model 3, a car not known for the quality of its interior. Well, based on what is shown in this video, if you care about it enough, a Tesla interior (even one with white leather) is actually pretty hard-wearing.

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