This 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance now has over 100,000 miles on it, and it's still in regular use, as it should be. To be clear, we're not talking about 100,000 miles of leisurely highway driving, but rather, this Model 3 has been put through the paces and back again, to say the least.

The Model 3 belongs to our own Kyle Conner. If you're familiar with Kyle's channels, you'll know full well that he doesn't worry about babying his cars. Instead, he tends to beat the heck out of them, though he certainly takes proper care of them as well.

So, why should you care about a Tesla Model 3 with 100,000 miles on it? It's interesting to learn how any car is holding up after the 100K threshold, and this is arguably especially true of EVs since many people are just starting to learn about them.

Shoppers have concerns about the longevity of their battery packs, and potential degradation, which impacts range. In addition, and specifically related to Tesla's models, many people are aware of the brand's inconsistencies with build quality and fit and finish. If a car has quality issues on day one, should you worry that it will fall apart in a hurry?

As shoppers are considering an EV, it's important for them to have some idea of how it will hold up. Moreover, with a lack of new car inventory, as well as used car prices skyrocketing, a high-mileage vehicle may be the only option at this point. Should you consider an older Model 3 with a ton of miles?

The video above is the first in a new 100,000-mile series that will be published on Kyle's Out of Spec Reviews YouTube channel. As the series moves on, Kyle will be getting into detailed assessments related to the high-mileage impact on battery degradation, range, performance, charging, and much more.

That said, in this initial video, he takes us on a relatively quick walkaround tour of his Model 3 to point out wear and tear (and/or the lack thereof) that has exposed itself over the years. As Kyle begins the walkaround, he makes it clear that the car has never been in an accident, and he's had paint protection film applied to the bumper. He also notes that the car didn't have many obvious issues with fit and finish when he first took ownership.

Kyle points out the usual issues like rock chips in the bumper, but the exterior of the car is in really good shape, aside from some recent cracks in the glass. There is some inconsequential damage to the underside of the car from off-road use, which is to be expected.

Inside, the Model 3's white synthetic leather seats are in good shape. Kyle says he has rarely cleaned them. Keep in mind, this car has been on tremendous road trips, with dogs! The touch screen still works well, as does just about everything else in the car's cabin, though the glovebox damper is broken. 

Kyle has plenty more to share about the Model 3 Performance, so be sure to check out the video for the rest of the details. However, we can tell you that while he's abused the car significantly, it's holding up exceedingly well.

Do you own a high-mileage EV? If so, which model is it, and how is it faring? We'd also be interested in learning if you'd consider buying a used Tesla with high miles. Start a conversation about this topic in our comment section below.

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