Headline-grabbing figures for the 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid are pretty much the same ones from the Model S Plaid - the colossal power output of the tri-motor configuration and the performance it gives the vehicle. But hand a Model X Plaid over to Doug DeMuro, and he will find a lot more talking points, most of which have nothing to do with power or acceleration.

He argues that while the Model X Plaid may not be as quick as the Model S Plaid, given that it has the same powertrain but is a bit heavier, it is arguably the crazier proposition out of the two. This is mostly down to the fact that it still is a fairly practical family hauling SUV, but now it’s one that can out-accelerate most supercars.

If the Model X was already a unique proposition before giving it 1,020 horsepower and a claimed sprint time to 60 mph of 2.5 seconds. But with this added performance that is more than any driver would realistically need, Tesla has turned the Model X into the ultimate super SUV.

In fact, even though being priced from $126,490 (or $132,000 if you get the 22-inch turbine style wheels) the Model X Plaid is certainly expensive. However, it will out-accelerate all gas-burning SUVs on the market (being the quickest-accelerating SUV in the world) and those usually cost around twice as much, so it does start to look less expensive if you put it in context.

Doug does say the Model X Plaid is not perfect, referring to the way it looks, which may not be to everybody’s taste (plus the fact that it has been out for a few years now and it’s no longer a sight on the road), its handling which is not as good as other sporty SUVs on the market and he argues that the falcon wing doors are just a gimmick and it would be nice if it was available without them.

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