XPeng reports strong EV sales right from the start of 2022, with the fifth consecutive monthly result above 10,000.

The Chinese company announced 12,922 all-electric car deliveries in January (up 115% year-over-year).

The overwhelming majority of XPeng sales are in China.

XPeng's lineup consists of basically three models, which all set strong, but not record results. The XPeng P7 specifically expands pretty quickly, while the all-new XPeng P5 is ramping up.

Xpeng sales:

  • Xpeng P7: 6,707 (up 81% year-over-year)
  • XPeng P5: 4,029 (new)
  • Xpeng G3/G3i: 2,186 (down 5% year-over-year)
  • Total: 12,922 (up 115% year-over-year)

Xpeng sales in China – January 2022


For reference, in 2021, sales exceeded 98,000:

  • Xpeng P7: 60,569 (up 302% year-over-year)
  • Xpeng G3/G3i: 29,721 (up 148% year-over-year)
  • Xpeng P5: 7,865 (new)
  • Total: 98,155 (up 263% year-over-year)

Cumulatively, XPeng has sold more than 150,000 electric cars.

Xpeng sales in China – January 2022

The most important thing is that XPeng is upgrading its Zhaoqing plant right now (January/February) to handle an even higher production rate.

If the peak was 16,000 (in December), then we might see 20,000+ in the not-too-distant future.

"XPeng is carrying out a technology upgrade at its Zhaoqing plant, taking advantage of the scheduled production downtime over the Chinese New Year Holiday starting at the end of January to early February. The upgrade will enable accelerated delivery of the significant order backlog carried over from 2021 as well as allow us to better serve the increasing demand in the new year."

In the pipeline is also the fourth model - XPeng G9 flagship SUV, which is expected to enter the market in late 2022.

In terms of charging infrastructure, the customers can use 813 branded supercharging stations across 333 Chinese cities.

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