Reports about the first pre-production Made-in-Germany Tesla Model Y leaving the Tesla Giga Berlin plant emerged in late December 2021, and according to multiple reports, at least some of the cars ended up in Norway.

Here is a tweet that shows the VIN number with "B" in the digit 11 spot, which according to the VIN Decoder for Tesla, means "Berlin".


Another image reportedly presents the MIG Tesla Model Y, but already with Norwegian plates.

Both cars are black and Performance versions with an underlined Dual Motor sign, and red brake calipers.

We assume that the main purpose to bring those cars to Norway is for cold-weather testing.


Higher payload?

An interesting thing is that the Made-in-Germany version reportedly has a significantly higher payload than the Made-in-China version.

Morten Grove, Captain of all Tesla-Ship, points to Norwegian data. The difference is 172 kg or 44%: 562 kg (MIG) vs 390 kg (MIC). That would suggest some significant structural changes to the vehicle.


Nothing is confirmed at this point, so we don't know for sure whether the MIG Tesla Model Y will be significantly different than the current cars supplied from China. 

The test vehicles might actually contain changes that are being tested for further versions that are coming later.

As far as customer deliveries are considered, the locally produced Tesla Model Y Performance is expected in March. The fleet of pre-production cars exceeds 100 units.

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