The Tesla Giga Berlin plant in Grünheide near Berlin, Germany appears to be on the last straight to start series production of the Tesla Model Y.

Technically, the company is probably well advanced and almost ready, as the flyover videos from the last week revealed a two-digit number of brand new cars assembled at the site. The company recently received approval to produce 2,000 Model Y (potentially test or demo cars) as part of the preparation for series production. Many of those cars already left the factory on carriers - including the first ones in late 2021.

As far as we know, those are all Tesla Model Y Performance versions. The vast majority are black, but there are some other colors as well. According to the rumor, Tesla will start with black and white cars, before moving forward with some new colors.


The updated Tesla website in Europe indicates that the estimated delivery time for the Model Y Performance (new orders) is March 2022 (compared to early 2022 before).

Tesla also updated range ratings of the cars in Europe.

It was also discovered in the source code of the website (see Tesla_Adri's tweets below), that the new Tesla Model Y Performance in Europe will come from Berlin. Reportedly, Tesla quickly removed the code.


It's currently expected that the initial production of the Made-in-Germany (MIG) Tesla Model Y will be based on the standard approach, with front and rear megacastings, and 2170-type cylindrical cell battery.

The next step will be the launch of a structural battery pack version using 4680-type cylindrical cells at some point in the future.

Here are the latest videos from the site, which on the outside is still far from being complete, but on inside it might be ready to produce cars.

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