The most recent flyover video of Tesla Giga Austin in Texas (January 17, 2022), shared by Jeff Roberts, reveals a small batch of about 9 Tesla Model Y, which very likely were produced at the site.

The first pre-production Tesla Model Y was seen at the plant in late August 2021. Several months later, in late December, it was rumored that series production of the Model Y might start within a week. A similar rumor was reported on January 10.

A sight of multiple newly produced cars in a parking lot, in front of the factory - connected to charging points (see from 8:47), would support the rumor that Tesla is starting series production or at least entering the final phase of preparations.

The question is whether it's the last phase of production of test cars or if it's basically the beginning of series production of customer cars?

"Could it be that we're seeing the first production vehicles from Giga Texas?! I can't imagine giving test vehicles a full charge so... EXCITING! Lots of fun at the site today despite it being a federal holiday in the US! Can't wait for tomorrow!"

Anyway, what is also important, seven out of nine cars are in a beautiful blue color, while the remaining two are black. We wonder whether the blue one is one of those few new colors that were hinted at last year?

The list (specifically for the Tesla Giga Berlin plant) includes:

  • Deep Crimson Multi-coat
  • Abyss Blue Multi-coat
  • Mercury Silver Metallic

An interesting thing is also that the wheels appear to be the entry-level 19’’ Gemini Wheels, the ones that Tesla uses for Model Y Long Range AWD versions.

It's not confirmed at this point which version of the Model Y will be produced first - the LR AWD or Performance.

We can speculate that it would make sense for the company to produce test cars with less expensive wheels.

Another important question is whether the Tesla Model Y from Texas are already powered by the 4680-type cylindrical cells, or if it's still the same 2170-type?

Many reports indicated that Tesla is advancing in preparations to produce 4680-type battery systems, using cells supplied from the facility in California.

The Tesla Giga Austin plant has now been under construction for 544 days (since the very first preparations started in mid-2020.) It's expected to produce not only the Tesla Model Y, but at some point also the Tesla Cybertruck and 4680-type cylindrical battery cells.

Below we attached also an informative flyover video, shared by Joe Tegtmeyer:

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