According to Dan Ives, well-known analyst and managing director at Wedbush, Tesla's new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, should be set to open in the next seven to 10 days. He sent out the related tweet on January 8, 2022, so at this point, Tesla could be even closer to that goal already.

What's arguably more interesting here, at least for investors, is that the sooner Tesla starts Model Y production, the quicker it can ramp up and make a real impact for 2022. Keep in mind, the Tesla Cybertruck will follow a successful Model Y production ramp, so timing is of the essence if we're really going to see the first production Cybertruck's arrive before the end of the year.


Clearly, Ives and his team have been keeping a close eye on Tesla's Giga Texas in order to share details and potential production dates with investors. The fact that paperwork is clearing and the stamping machines appear to have already been tested signals that production is imminent.

Not long ago, we shared another report with you stating that Tesla production in Texas could start any day. We've also heard that Tesla is planning a big party in Austin much like the one in Berlin. In addition, some folks have claimed that CEO Elon Musk has a big announcement to share soon.

In a related tweet, Sawyer Merritt announced that Tesla Owners Club Austin – another group keeping a very close watch on the happenings at Giga Austin – is planning the largest Tesla owner meetup in history. The event, coined "Teslacon Texas," will happen in early 2022 (no surprise) and coincide with the Texas Gigafactory's official opening party.


Reports from last week pointed out that some areas of Giga Austin are already approved and certified to begin official work, and they've been inspected by the country fire marshal as well. Tesla has been finalizing all paperwork to make sure the opening process moves forward without pause.

While Tesla hasn't made any official announcements, there are plenty of folks reporting about the factory who seem to have an abundance of inside information. Moreover, several Tesla fans in the area have been flying drones around the property and keeping tabs on the situation as it unfolds.

That said, according to Teslarati, drone operator Jeff Roberts recently got some footage of equipment heading into an area of Giga Texas that's assumed to be related to Cybertruck production.


We've attached a related video from Jeff Roberts below.

Check it all out and let us know your projected opening date for Tesla's Giga Austin. Moreover, we'd love to know how long you think the Model Y production ramp may take, as well as when we may see the first production Cybertruck. 

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