It's only a matter of time before Tesla's new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, is officially open for production. And, honestly, at this point, it really doesn't matter if it opens in the next few hours or within a couple of days. However, it seems the former may be more realistic, at least based on plenty of information brewing on social media.

According to a report by Teslarati, solar panels have been arriving and they're already being installed over the roof areas of the Model Y and Cybertruck production centers. However, it's not the fact that the panels are going up that's so telling, but rather, a related tweet from Yicai Global. It's also important to note that the solar panels are being provided by Longi Green Energy. 


Check out the last sentence. "The US EV maker's new plant will start operation this week." This is the first statement of its kind we've read. It seems perhaps Tesla let insiders know that the Longi panels are going up and production is set to begin this week, which gives Tesla just a few days. We can only assume this information wasn't supposed to be shared, and many people probably didn't even notice it in the tweet.

There are several other directly related and unrelated tweets that seem to suggest Giga Texas is on the verge of opening. For example:


The image above comes from another recent flyover video (embedded below), and it shows that the parking lots at the facility were essentially completely full on January 5, 2022. There are also other indications in the video that follow suit with the recent reports and rumors.

Moreover, Tesmanian reported that the Austin Gigafactory now has compliance certificates from the county fire marshall. 


Keep in mind, Gigafactory Texas is actually Tesla's fifth global factory – at least as far as early planning is concerned – though it appears it may open ahead of Giga Berlin, which was planned months before Giga Austin.

In fact, there have been so many delays in Germany, Tesla has resorted to producing Model Y crossovers in China, at Giga Shanghai, and shipping them to the area. One would think the Germans would hope to move things forward so that its residents can buy German-made Teslas rather than those produced in China.

At any rate, we'll keep you posted as the details unfold. Hopefully, Giga Austin will open in the coming days. To wrap things up, the following tweet, a well as the related thread have also been floating around Twitter, though we have no way to verify the first tweet below.


Do you think Tesla's Texas Gigafactory will open today? Tomorrow? If not, what's your best guess? In addition, if you have any other related information, share it with us in the comment section below.

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