A new drone flyover of the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California indicates that Tesla's electric car production is booming not only in China, where the Giga Shanghai plant appears to be not far from 1 million/year rate, but also here in the U.S.

The video, shared by the Met God in Wilderness 在曠野遇見神 channel on January 17, reveals hundreds of brand new Tesla cars, piling up on the regular parking lot for the cars, as well as on the grass at the test track.

There are a pretty high number of new Model S and Model X cars. A number that goes into the hundreds.

It's reported that Tesla has started the year 2022 pretty strong with a high rate of production right from the beginning.

At 2:50, we can also see that the plant in Fremont is undergoing some upgrades, with a new connection between the buildings, which will improve the plant's internal logistics. The site appears to be space cramped and probably is not easy to deal with, compared to the brand new layouts in Shanghai, Berlin and Austin.

We would not be surprised if the rumored Tesla Semi production is at Giga Nevada, and if Tesla Model Y production is phased out in the future once Giga Austin achieves volume production.

The Fremont plant would then be used for the top-of-the-line models, like the Tesla Model S/Model X and the Roadster, but that's of course just speculation.

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