The Tesla Semi reportedly entered limited production at Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, where the company has also installed the first Megacharging site.

Yesterday, Tesla supporter Sawyer Merritt shared a few new photos that present two Tesla Semi vehicles, described as brand new.

It might be a sign that the low volume production is happening. The vehicles are white and one of the images shows that the vehicle has a frunk (front trunk).

"BREAKING: 2 brand new Tesla Semi's spotted at Giga Nevada Semi factory. You can see the frunk is open on one of them."



The Tesla Semi was unveiled in 2017, but since then the manufacturer was not able to start series production, despite thousands of reservations announced by major fleets. The reasons are complex, starting with the priority of general expansion (Model 3/Model Y), new plants and the lack of battery cells, chip shortages and lockdowns.

If the final version is powered by Tesla's 4680-type cylindrical cells, which have yet to be launched, then it would be another reason for the delay.

As we wrote previously, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk excluded volume production and, as we understand, the Semi needs at least a year until it enters series volume production in 2023.

However, a small volume, limited production is possible and PepsiCo - one of the first customers - is eagerly waiting for the trucks. It's in the process of installing the first Megacharging station at its site. The first vehicles might be delivered to PepsiCo this month. The company signed up for 100 units in 2017.

One of the questions is where Tesla Semi series production will be located? In Nevada, or maybe it's just a temporary site? We would not be surprised if Tesla Semi production eventually ends up in Texas.

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