People are eagerly awaiting more news about the Tesla Cybertruck. However, over the last few days, the only Cybertruck-related news was about a silly $50 whistle and a children's Tesla Cyberquad that seems to be pretty sweet.

That said, Tesla CEO Elon Musk did recently mention that the Cybertruck is "intentionally an insane technology bandwagon." He also just replied to a tweet that was posted by WholeMarsBlog related to some recent Tesla Cybertruck rumors.

According to Whole Mars Blog, there are rumors suggesting that the reason you can no longer configure a Cybertruck on Tesla's website is that the automaker is considering eliminating the single-motor option. Instead, Tesla may just offer the electric pickup truck in dual- and quad-motor configurations. Wait ... Quad Motor?


In the usual fashion, Whole Mars Blog replied to his own tweet to specify that "no hard decision has been made yet." This is interesting since he calls it a rumor, but then suggests he's talked to someone at Tesla and received the word that there hasn't been a final decision.

Arguably much more interesting is the fact that Elon Musk replied to the tweet. While he didn't say anything specific about the single-motor rumor, he did confirm that initial Cybertruck production will begin with the quad-motor variant. While the variant itself may come as a surprise, the fact that it will be produced first isn't surprising since Tesla typically produces the most expensive model initially.


It would also come as no surprise if Tesla did decide to eliminate a single-motor option for the electric pickup truck. By the time the truck comes out, competition will be mounting, there's a good chance Tesla won't be able to honor the very low starting price, and a potential (new) US EV tax credit may be on the table.

In addition, Musk has already talked about eliminating single-motor variants, as well as vehicles that don't offer enough range, etc. Musk also replied with the following tweet:


We'd love to read about your thoughts on this. Drop us a line in the comment section below. Do you have a Tesla Cybertruck reservation? Will this change your order or steer you away from the Cybertruck completely?

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