The Lucid Air is equipped with quite an advanced infotainment system to handle all the features and controls.

In an interesting first thorough walkthrough, EV Nomads - Branden & Kalie, present the system of a production Lucid Air Dream Edition (Performance version).

The system consists of four displays - three directly in front of the driver and one additional, down on the right - that's for sure a more complex setting than in the Tesla Model S. There is also a small screen for passengers in the rear.

Lucid Air Dream Edition cockpit

The small touchscreen on the left is for some basic controls, including charging flap, door lock, window lock, defrost and lights.

The instrument cluster behind the steering wheel is not a touchscreen. There are things like range, speed, selected drive mode, etc.

On the right, there is an upper infotainment touchscreen - it shows time, temperature, views from rear view or front view cameras, as well as image from the navigation, which is really handy while driving (we saw it in the drive review here).

The right-lower infotainment touchscreen is the largest one and can be hidden if needed. It's actually the main setting unit, with a high number of features, cool visualisations (for example, of the message type) and allows to save driver's profiles.

The touchscreen feels responsive according to the review, but for sure there are things that can be improved. For example, the user struggled to find local Electrify America fast charging stations in the navigation. While on a longer route, the navigation does not show some details about the charging stations.

In the rear, there is a tiny touchscreen, which offer sunshade and climate control settings.

Overall, it's an interesting approach. The initial system for sure will be improved gradually through over-the-air software updates.

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